Our Favorite Frank Costanza Moments on Seinfeld

Our Favorite Frank Costanza Moments on Seinfeld

Anyone reading this might think that the Seinfeld crew was plenty neurotic and kooky without adding the likes of Frank Costanza. But then the viewer would have been missing out on one of comedy’s greatest names and personalities. As much as we all loved the original characters and their wacky but endearing traits it was the favorite moments of guys like Frank that helped flesh out the world of Seinfeld to a degree that made it even more believable and complete. If not for Frank we would never have known quite why George is the way he is after all. Now that we’ve seen Frank’s greatest moments it’s perfectly understandable why his son is such a mes.

Here are some of the best scenes in which Frank shows why he was so indispensable to the show.

5. Serenity now!

This guy’s blood pressure must have been through the roof if he had to keep reciting this mantra over and over and over. It was even recited by other cast members for the slightest moments of stress, making it all the more humorous. Frank is a guy that doesn’t seem to know how to relax even when he so badly needs to do so. Yelling at the top of your voice trying to calm down doesn’t seem to work quite as well.

4. Jerry didn’t say hello.

The nerve! Seeing someone you know and not saying hello is considered a massive faux pas by some people, which would include Frank. But honestly would you really want to stop and just say hey on the street to a guy like this? There’s really no such thing as idle chit chat with Frank. Likely as not you’d get the rundown of his day, week, and an obscure reference to his life just because he felt the need to reminisce.

3. Frank vs. Steinbrenner

Give Frank props on this one. It’s not every guy that gets to tell off such an important figure in sports. Of course some tact would have been nice but then it wouldn’t have been Frank. He’s got to tell it like it is and just let whatever’s on his mind fly. Go get him Frank.

2. Elaine vs. Frank

It’s funny because he’s standing up for his son, but he’s not. Get that part? Frank doesn’t have a lot of faith in George most times but when he does stand up for him, well, it seems like he has even less while he’s defending him. Odd how that works. So who would you take in a fight, Elaine or Frank?

1. The missing TV guide.

Did you happen to notice how quickly the TV guide was forgotten when George’s mother found a condom wrapper on their bed? We all know that Frank isn’t about to get busy any time soon, or we kind of hope not because the image is too much to take, but that TV guide issue was instantly put on hold when it came down to demanding why George had had sex in their bed. He likely remembered it soon after though.

Frank Costanza was, well, unique. His sense of humor was nil and his outbursts were as regular as he could make them, sometimes even more so than people wanted. But he was a strong character that you won’t soon forget.


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