Fans Want Johnny Depp To Play Gomez in Addams Family TV Show

It does feel as though it might make a great deal of sense, right? After all, it would be a return to one of the best acts that Christina Ricci ever accomplished, and it would be a great role for Johnny Depp to take on since he would get to flex his creepy chops as well as the slightly manic acting ability that he can pull off just perfectly. It would be almost like a cross between Mort Rainey from Secret Window and Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. As for Ricci, she’s already shown that she can be sultry, seductive, and would likely have no problem slipping into this role, perhaps even with some guidance from her former on-screen mother, Anjelica Huston. Ricci’s stint as Wednesday Addams was one of the absolute best representations of the character after all, though Chloe Moretz Grace did manage to provide a very convincing voice role for the animated version that came out a little while back. But placing these two in a TV series such as this would no doubt expensive. But another thankful part is that Depp has worked with Tim Burton in the past, and for his type of project it does feel that all involved would be encouraged to have fun with it and to explore a few new story ideas that could see the Addams family surge back to prominence.

Some fans would love to see Depp with Winona Ryder as Morticia, which isn’t too hard to understand, but the difference between Ryder and Ricci is pretty noticeable since Ryder simply appears a little too soft in her features when compared to Ricci, who can look the part of Morticia without really trying since she’s often taken on characters that have something of a darker edge to them. Using Depp as Gomez just makes sense though since apart from Raul Julia there haven’t been a lot of actors that could really take on the type of energy and delightfully playful nature that Raul brought to the part. It’s interesting to think what might have happened had Raul not passed away in 1994, but then one has to imagine that if he’d been around for the past 26 years that things might have been very different and he might not have been as ready to take up the role of Gomez once again since he would be in his 80s at this time. Depp is a perfect choice for Gomez since the type of crazy energy he can bring to a role and the fact that he can play a slightly disturbed character is well documented and has been seen in many a movie. As far as making his way to a TV show it feels as though it’s been a good amount of time since we’ve seen Depp on TV, since around 2012 in fact. And to be honest, he’s done more voice roles for TV in the recent past than live-action roles.

Bringing both actors to the small screen might be kind of expensive for a TV show, but it would be worth it since with Tim Burton’s vision it’s easy to think that the Addams Family could be more than a little twisted and possibly pick up where the movies left off, or possibly go on to inspire another series of tales that might be insanely impressive. The rest of the cast would need to be just as impressive since if there’s one thing about the Addams Family that a lot of people have loved, it’s the fact that the casting has usually been quite accurate when it comes to getting the right people for the different roles. The movies might have faded just a bit, well, the second one might have, but the legend of the Addams is still strong as ever and people still enjoy the quirky family in a big way, so it’s safe to think that the TV series might actually do a bit of good for the family’s credibility, and bringing Depp in if it’s at all possible, would be a huge step up for the show, just as bringing Ricci in, again, if possible, would be a homecoming of sorts that a lot of fans would love to see since there are likely many women that could fit the role, but not nearly as perfect as she might. The only thing about Ricci would be that she stands about 5’1″, where Huston is 5″10, which would be a huge height discrepancy. Depp, who is also around 5’10”, would tower over Ricci. This isn’t a huge problem, but it would definitely be different since Morticia has usually been close to Gomez in height, and truly picky fans would likely point this out. But maybe it would be an interesting difference to see a slightly smaller Morticia hold such sway over a taller and more present Gomez. It could happen.

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