Fan Movie Pits Wonder Woman Alongside The Avengers to Fight Thanos

It’s always a little bit of fun when Marvel and DC get mentioned and slammed together for a bit of sport. This time wondering what might happen if Wonder Woman was set alongside the Avengers is enough to make a person laugh since there are plenty of people that have chimed in on what might happen if Diana ever tangled with Thanos alone, let alone as part of a group. Some might say that this is an insanely unfair advantage since Thanos couldn’t possibly stand against the Amazonian princess AND the Avengers since eventually he was becoming overwhelmed by the Avengers thanks to the timely arrival of Captain Marvel and several others that helped to wear him down. In terms of who is more powerful, Thanos definitely gets the nod from many fans, especially with the Infinity Gauntlet in hand since the Stones allow him to warp and remake reality as he wills it. Considering that the newly revamped Captain Marvel is thought to be superior to Wonder Woman, as Jenny Desborough of the Express writes, it’s likely that Thanos would topple WW since he sent Carol flying with a hit from the Power Stone. Plus, even without the gauntlet, Thanos is a formidable opponent who has taken on the likes of Galactus, who could with his many abilities stomp on WW without too much trouble.

Some would fall back on Diana’s god-like abilities and her fighting prowess, though many will forget that despite his blocky, muscular stature, Thanos is the one that trained Gamora, who is one of the deadliest women in the galaxy in the MCU, so he knows how to fight, and he’s solid enough that WW would find that her physical attacks unable to do much to budge him. Unfortunately in the MCU, Thanos has lost a lot of the edge that made him such a powerful and potent enemy since he’s not quite the devious individual he used to be and we didn’t get to see him project one energy blast without the gauntlet already in his possession. Because of this Diana might be able to take Thanos on since her own power set has been kept mostly intact and she hasn’t been messed with that much when making the jump from the comics to the big screen. Maybe the MCU could take a lesson from that and allow the heroes and villains to run unfettered a little more than they have in the recent past. If we’re talking about granting both Thanos and WW their weapons, their abilities, and taking them straight from the comics, then Wonder Woman still doesn’t stand a chance. With the Avengers at her side to run interference and wear Thanos down, of course it’s possible since the mad titan can’t fight on several fronts at once without exposing a glaring weakness now and again, but on her own, Diana might harm Thanos and make him feel everything the next day, but she wouldn’t be walking away with the W this time.

The only difference that would be made at this point would be the writers and who they would be told to favor since like it or not, that’s the true power behind the heroes and villains of the DC and Marvel universes. Who wins doesn’t necessarily come down to whose abilities are greater, who’s stronger, or who can blast the other person into oblivion. It’s a combination of the writers, their marching orders, and the situation each character finds themselves in. With full power and defenses in place, Wonder Woman would surely take the fight to Thanos in a big way, but given the fact that Thanos has taken on god-level characters in the past and survived, Diana wouldn’t stand much of a chance. She might have the weaponry, the shield, and the skills, but Thanos is every bit as skilled and worse, his mind never stops working as he would seek out every weakness of Diana’s and attempt to exploit it since that’s just the kind of villain he is, every bit as cerebral as he is visceral when it comes to breaking a person down. But again, with the Avengers on her side, Diana would have a better chance, and coming into the fight fresh and without having suffered a wound or two she could possibly take the fight to Thanos in a big way.

Such a constant struggle to determine just which set of heroes and villains are stronger and better has been going on between DC and Marvel for so long that at this point a lot of people are more than willing to admit that such a conundrum is kind of silly since it’s not likely that we’re ever going to see a blending of universes as we’ve seen in the comics. It would pull in a crowd, that much is obvious, but since it’s all up to the writers when it comes to who would be the more powerful it doesn’t feel like an effort that would be fully embraced by the fans since too many would be stating just why one hero or villain couldn’t possibly beat the other. Caleb Bailey of CBR has another outlook on this.

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