Famous Celebrities Who are Huge Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines

Famous Celebrities Who are Huge Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines

Famous Celebrities Who are Huge Fans of Chip and Joanna GainesWhen Drew Barrymore posted a video online asking television stars Chip and Joanna Gaines for help, we all laughed. The Fixer Upper stars are iconic. They own Magnolia, the Silos, and they do all the good they can to help little Waco, Texas, become a beautiful and vibrant little town. They are down-to-earth, and fans love them. But, it also appears that even the biggest stars in the world love them. Barrymore jokingly asked them for help and told them it was Demo Day as she worked on the remodel in her own kitchen. Her sort of cry for help – though so good-natured – makes us wonder how many other major celebrities are fans of the Fixer Upper couple?

Ryan Reynolds

He’s made it very clear that his goal in life is to take over the lives of the Gaines family. He even tweeted it for proof back in 2015. He plans to move his own family to Waco. He’s going to infiltrate the Gaines’ lives. To him, this means eating, building, and smashing things. Don’t worry, though; he did tag both Chip and Joanna on Twitter when he said this. Fair warning and all, right?

Blake Lively

The good news about Ryan Reynolds wanting to take over the Fixer Upper family lifestyle is that his own wife is absolutely on board with his decision. She is a huge fan. She said, “I’ve practically looked into enrolling my kids in school in Waco,” once. In fact, she and her husband are actually friends with the Gaines family. They’ve become close, and they regularly chat with one another about things. They do a lot of emailing, including Joanna asking Blake if a watch she liked (it’s a man’s watch) is something she could pull off. If we are being honest, is there anything the lovely Joanna Gaines cannot pull off?

Scott Foley

We love him. The former Scandal star might have played a sometimes bad guy on the show alongside Kerry Washington, but he’s a nice guy in real life. We know this because his favorite thing to do – one of them, that is – is to sit down with his family when Fixer Upper is on and watch the show. He’s a huge fan of the HGTV show, and he makes no apologies about it.

Tim Tebow

The famous Florida Gator football star is a huge fan of the Gaines family. He even worked with them to provide a safe home for a family who has two sons in need. Both boys in the family live with genetic disabilities. They cannot stand or walk by themselves, so they need a house that allows them to both be little boys – but in their wheelchairs – without constrictions or problems. The famous football star is known for his religious beliefs – much like the Gaines family – and for his philanthropy. He is always giving back and doing good for others, and he and the Gaines family are very similar in that manner.

Julianne Moore

She is one of the most famous actresses in the world, and she’s a huge fan of the Gaines family. In fact, they were all at an event at the same time, and Moore was spotted getting a picture with the stars of the show. Chip Gaines even gave her a small kiss on the cheek for the photo, and we all love it.

Jenna Bush Hager

Not only is she a news anchor, but she’s also the daughter of President George W. Bush. She made it very clear to her fans that getting to go to her own home state to visit the Gaines family to try some Magnolia recipes was a highlight of her life. She’s a huge fan, and we love it. Of course, her own family is from the same general area as the Gaines family, and we even once saw Bush Hager’s mother on the show meeting with Joanna and Chip. It was lovely.

Reese Witherspoon

This one goes both ways – though we are certain all of these go both ways. Reese was celebrating the launch of her new book with a party thrown by Jenner Hager Bush at Magnolia. It was only a few weeks following the birth of the Gaines’ newest baby, Crew, when Joanna made a surprise appearance. She dressed up and surprised everyone by getting on stage to introduce Reese and congratulate her. She was equally enamored to meet the famous actress, and we think this is one of those sweet friendships that just works for everyone involved.

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