10 Things You Didn’t Know about Families of the Mafia

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Families of the Mafia

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Families of the Mafia

Are you a fan of reality TV shows with a mobster twist? Today is your lucky day. MTV has decided to release a new show called Families of the Mafia. The show will feature four Staten Island families who are somehow connected to the mafia. Former Mob Wives star, Karen Gravano, and her daughter will be two of the show’s main cast members. Unlike Mob Wives, Families of the Mafia will feature a primarily younger cast which hopefully means fewer drinks will be thrown. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Families of the Mafia.

1. Families Of The Mafia Is A Rebrand Of Another Show

If the cast of Families of the Mafia looks or sounds familiar to you, that’s because they were all part of another reality TV show in 2019. The cast was originally set to start on Made in Staten Island, but the show was mysteriously pulled from the air after three episodes.

2. Everyone On The Show Isn’t Part Of A Mafia Family

Despite the title of the show, not everyone on the cast is part of a mafia family. Lisa Augustine, who will appear on the show with her daughter Dennie, doesn’t have any blood connection to the mafia. However, Lisa grew up on Staten Island and was a close childhood friend of Karen’s.

3. The Show Will Have A Unique Spin

The concept of a reality show featuring people with mob ties isn’t anything new. However, Families of the Mafia plans to put a different spin on this type of show. Instead of putting most of the focus on the cast’s mafia connections, the show will focus on the family aspect and how the younger generation plans to create their own legacy.

4. Sammy ‘The Bull’ Will Make An Appearance

Sammy Gravano has a very interesting history in the mafia. At one time, he was one of the most important people in the Gambino crime family, but that all changed when he became a government witness and testified against John Gotti. Gravano eventually ended up serving nearly 20 years in prison for crimes he committed while an active member of the mafia. He was released from prison in 2017. Sammy, who is Karen’s father, will appear on Families of the Mafia although it’s unclear how often he will be featured on the show.

5. The Cast Is Diverse

One of the cool things about Families of the Mafia is that it will feature a more diverse cast than some of the other mafia themed reality shows. For example, the O’Toole family is Irish and has connections to the Irish mafia. Additionally, both Karina Seabrook and Dennie Augustine are both half black.

6. The Cast Got On The Government’s Bad Side

When the show originally aired under the name, Made in Staten Island, the cast instantly received a lot of backlash. Many Staten Island residents didn’t appreciate the way the area was being portrayed and were tired of people stereotyping the borough as a place for mobsters. In 2018, councilman, Joe Borelli voiced his opinion about the show and said it was “embarrassing”. Several of the cast members attempted to change his mind by showing up at his office with pizzas and baby products to donate.

7. Some Of The Younger Cast Members Have Had Trouble With The Law

Although it doesn’t seem that any of the cast’s younger members are actually part of the mafia, some of them have still had some run ins with the law. Taylor O’Toole was put on probation after pleading guilty to violent charges. Christian Patterson, who is part of the LaRocca family, has also had several issues with the law.

8. The Show Has It’s Own Instagram Account

If you want to keep up with Families of the Mafia in between episodes MTV has set the show up with it’s own Instagram account. The account is pretty low key at the moment, but as the season continues it’s likely to see a lot more action.

9. Some Families Will Only Show A Few Members

Viewers may think that the show will give a complete view of each of the families featured, but that won’t be happening. Some of the families have chosen to only include certain members on the show. For example, the Augustine family will only feature Lisa and Dennie although Lisa has three other children.

10. You May See Some Appearances From The Mob Wives Crew

Staten Island is a small place which means there’s a good chance that the cast of Families of the Mafia may run into some of the cast members from Mob Wives. At the very least, we might catch a glimpse of Karen’s cousin and good friend, Ramona Rizzo who also appeared on Mob Wives.

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