10 Things You Never Knew about Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is about what it sounds like, the misadventures of a trio of guys living in a trailer park. Now if you think this is indicative of all trailer parks you should know that this is perhaps the most stereotypical representation, as some are considered to be retirement communities and are pretty well-kept. But keeping line with the comedy and hopeless nature of the show however this show is all about the hard knocks and the rundown way of life that the residents of the park endure. The main characters are, for lack of a better word, idiots that somehow keep ahead of the law while plotting schemes left and right in an attempt to somehow better their lives or at least get ahead just enough in life to satisfy their needs. In many ways it’s hilarious to watch them try and fail so often in whatever plot they devise. It’s also an eye-rolling good time for those with a strange sense of humor.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. Barrie Dunn is a producer on the show.

Playing the part of Ray, Ricky’s dad, he was also a big reason why the show managed to get its legs under it in the first place. Signing on as a producer after seeing some promise in the show he managed to help it finally get up and run. It was the least that could happen that he was given a cameo during the show. Plus it’s not uncommon to see those that have something to do with a production pop up from time to time.

9. Ricky wears the same shirt the entire season.

This is largely because the character is poor and there’s really not a lot in his closet. For an entire season he’ll wear the same shirt, even if it has to be taped, sewed, or somehow held together in order to keep up the appearance that he really doesn’t have much choice in his wardrobe.

8. There’s an explanation to the disappearing babies theory.

There was a seven-year hiatus between seasons seven and eight, and before that happened a few babies were born to the characters that never really got much of an explanation. But when the show came back it was found out that the kids were sent off to live with family members.

7. This is where Ellen Page got her start.

She was kind of there and gone within a season without too much explanation of her character or where she’d gone, but after this she landed the main role in Juno and then went on to Inception and the rest from there is history.

6. The show has an affinity for swear words.

You can call it low-breeding or a severe lack of intelligence but the colorful language that takes place in the show depicts a very limited vocabulary at best. If not for the obviously limited intellect of the characters however it would be just another stereotype.

5. A lot of the characters don’t have last names.

Sometimes surnames just get in the way unless they’re introduced with the character. If you can believe it, most of the core characters don’t have last names as they go by first names only. If it’s not introduced right away then it’s usually best to just leave it out altogether.

4. Sara is Lahey’s real-life daughter.

Considering that the cast has been pretty close-knit for a while and have worked together for years it’s not too hard to think that one of the cast members would include his own daughter in the mix. It’s just funny to think that people missed that little tidbit for a while.

3. John Dunsworth is classically-trained.

Unlike most of the cast John has been on stage for a good part of his life and has a pretty impressive resume when it comes to the acting scene. The others have started out in sketches for the most part, but John actually went and became an actor before taking on this job.

2. The show was shot in different parks.

For the first four seasons they had to switch from one park to another to film the show, but they kept getting complaints and eventually got tired of having to move everything. Eventually they built their own set after purchasing a large swath of property and thus took control of their own production.

1. There was a reason given for Trevor and Cory’s departure.

The actors playing these parts didn’t think they were being given their due consideration or pay, and they were tired of being treated like their onscreen characters by the fans that they met up with. It’s tough it seems being known as bottom of the barrel characters, but there’s always the chance to move on to something else.

It’s a funny show really, if you’ve got an off-kilter sense of humor.

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