The 5 Most Outrageous Dance Moms Costumes: A Critical Analysis

The 5 Most Outrageous Dance Moms Costumes: A Critical Analysis

dance moms

Dance Moms is a reality show that has garnered a lot of attention, but not always for the right reasons. The show follows the life of dance studio owner and teacher Abby Lee Miller, who seems to enjoy yelling at young children and engaging in arguments with their overbearing mothers. The mothers are no better, pitting their kids against each other and setting a poor example for the rest of the world. One aspect of the show that has drawn particular criticism is the choice of costumes for the young dancers. Some of these outfits are not only inappropriate but also downright distasteful. Here are our picks for the five worst Dance Moms costumes in the history of the show.

dance moms prison costume

1. Prison Inmates

There’s something deeply unsettling about dressing a group of young girls as prison inmates for a dance performance. The costumes are not only revealing but also send a troubling message about what these kids are being taught to embody.

hooker dance moms costumes

2. Pretty Woman-esque

These costumes are reminiscent of the outfit Julia Roberts wears in the movie Pretty Woman when she’s working the streets. While it may have been fitting for a film about a prostitute, it’s certainly not appropriate for young children. The term “prostitots” comes to mind when seeing these outfits on the show.

dance moms swimsuits

3. Mis-matched Swimsuits

This costume choice from season one seems to be the result of a low budget. The girls are dressed in a variety of different swimsuits, all featuring the same polka dot pattern. The lack of cohesion and professionalism in this ensemble is glaringly obvious.

dance moms costume army

4. Army Strong

While it’s important to support the armed forces and those who fight for our freedom, dressing young girls in revealing and provocative military-inspired outfits is not the way to do it. These costumes are shameful and disrespectful.

dance moms black and gold

5. Burlesque Dancers

The last time we saw costumes like these black and gold sequined numbers was in a Las Vegas burlesque show. There’s no reason to dress a group of young girls in such attire for a national television show or any public event. It’s classless, tasteless, and completely inappropriate.

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