Big Brother Finale Week Recap/Review Pt. 1 – Backstabbing Memories

Big Brother 14 - DanielleAnd then there were three…

Big Brother aired its annual retrospective episode, which showed Dan, Danielle, and Ian ‘fondly’ reminiscing about the highs and lows of this season, despite fans knowing good and damn well that their bonding moment was scripted like a bad Christmas special of an 80s sitcom. Even though I watched most of the live feeds from this week, I didn’t see this huge love fest going down. Maybe this was when the feeds cutaway several times during their breakfast gathering? Let me know in the comments below.

Some of the events brought up during the retrospective included Ian and Ashley’s date, Willie’s fights with everyone, Danielle and Shane’s ‘relationship,’ Dan’s ‘funeral,’ and Britney going ballistic after being put on the block by Frank. The last event was something new for me and it made me love Britney even more, despite her lapse of sanity during the clip. She threw things in the house like a spoiled brat (mostly Frank’s crap), and beat the hell out of Frank’s teddy bear to release some frustration. If Willie had of taken a similar approach, then maybe he could have still had a spot in the house now, or later than his expulsion. Just a thought there.

Also there was a clip of Mike Boogie reading a Bible quote to Dan about how gold and riches could lead someone astray, which eerily fit everyone in the house, not just Dan. Wonder if Boogie read that before or after he threw away an HOH to win $10,000…

Despite the scripted “Gosh! What a summer moments!” we did learn a few new things in the show’s first 10 minutes, namely that Ian was surprisingly willing to take the $50,000 second place prize over the $500,000 and that Danielle realized that she is a dumbass. Albeit two tears and three gaping mouths too late. We also finally got confirmation on what Dan told Shane on the way out, which was that Danielle had played Shane all along and that he could ask Jenn when they got to jury. Is it just me or will that lie backfire given that Dan told Jenn that Danielle forced him to keep Shane when they had the chance to evict him? Plus, Danielle also told Shane that Dan was going to nominate him in place of Ian, but that she talked him out of it. In other words, it wouldn’t make sense for Danielle to keep Shane if she was “playing him.” Anyway, moving on…

At least the Diary Room interviews with Danielle looked as if she was ready to do some damage to Dan’s game, which is totally different from her behavior in the house. But at this point, it is way too little and most definitely too late for her to get vengeance on Dan.

The episode ended with the trio prepping for part one of the HOH competition, which sucks given that we know the winner of that part and the second competition. At least we know Wednesday night will be a jam-packed episode (as always), so who do you hope make it to the final two for Big Brother this season?

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