Why The Game of Thrones Creators Cancelled Star Wars Trilogy

Honestly I was looking forward to what David Benioff and D.B. Weiss could have done for the Star Wars franchise with a new trilogy, but as Hannah Shaw-Williams from ScreenRant has made it known, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The pair had to walk away from the deal since their schedules just aren’t going to allow them to focus on the trilogy as much as they possibly can. The pair have signed on with Netflix for an extended period of time and as such they won’t have any extra time, which is regrettable since their expertise and ability to tell a gripping story would have no doubt brought another measure of greatness to the Star Wars franchise that hasn’t been seen in a while. Kathleen Kennedy as already said that the door is wide open for them to return if they find the ability to do so, but honestly, given that Kennedy is a part of the problem as to why the story has been on the decline lately, it might be better to hope that someone else will be in the driver’s seat when and if the pair return.

Rian Johnson is still planning on making another trilogy as Robert Yaniz Jr. from the CheatSheet reports, a fact that’s making some people shudder as they try to think what else he’s going to mess up within the universe while others are at least willing to give him a chance to redeem himself after The Last Jedi. Between the fanboy and casual fans it’s best to think for yourself on this matter and simply accept that what’s been done to Star Wars isn’t going to be undone until the lot of us are probably too old to even remember just who was helming each movie, meaning that it will have a reboot at that time and perhaps, finally, get the representation it deserves. As of now the original trilogy is still the best and the most telling part of the entire franchise since it remained true to itself for the most part and didn’t attempt to appease anyone or bend its own continuity simply because someone was offended for one reason or another. Star Wars has outgrown its own humble beginnings at any rate since the trilogy that Benioff and Weiss were thinking about was going to be the same as Johnson’s in one regard at least, it was going to focus upon more than just the ideas that we’ve already seen.

For a long time now the Jedi, the Sith, the Rebellion, the Empire, the First Order, and the handful of main characters that we’ve been introduced to and come to enjoy have been the entire world for the most part while the rest of it has been peripheral and supportive in nature. At this point it’s definitely time to step out into the wider universe and explore just what’s within the Star Wars galaxy so as to tell a few other needed and very unique stories. The Mandalorian is a good start since it’s bound to tell the story of a character that we haven’t met yet and might even introduce a few new characters and possible a couple of species  at the same time. There are of course favored characters, species, worlds, and story lines that people would like to see that stand apart from the already established story lines, but whether Disney will continue to cherry-pick from the EU and call it ‘original’ or not is hard to know since their idea of originality these days seems to be taking whatever they want from a canon that they’ve disregarded as something they’d rather move beyond even as they realize that there will be moments when they actually need to use bits and pieces of it.

In the coming decades it would actually be nice to see if someone had the guts to reboot Star Wars. I could swear I heard rumbling in the distance the moment I typed that, but whether it’s a thunderbolt with my name on it or a crazed mob objecting to the idea is hard to know. But seriously, Star Wars has fallen off the rails enough at this point that it’s been skating on a frozen river while convincing the fans that everything is under control. One of these days though it would be great, and I can’t stand the idea of reboots, to see someone take the gumption and the guts to take on a project that would be a massive overhaul of Star Wars so as to bring it back to the glory that it was started with. It sounds like fanboy talk, doesn’t it? Or perhaps it sounds like someone that can’t stand that Disney is making billions off of the franchise by softening its edges and making it over in their image. Honestly it doesn’t matter since we all have our ideas of what Star Wars should be and what it’s become.

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