Everything You Should Know About “The Crown” Season 5

Everything You Should Know About “The Crown” Season 5

After the hype of Season 4 of The Crown due to Princess Diana’s story, people have been waiting for Season 5. Over the last few years, The Crown has been one of the most successful Netflix productions. With famous actors playing members of the royal family and with a beautiful presentation of the chaotic lives of the royals, everyone is ready to see what happens in the next season.

Similarly to the other seasons, the 5th will feature a new cast, with fans more excited than ever to see how Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana are portrayed. As we’re very close to the premiere of Season 5, let’s list some unknowns about these new episodes.

1. Imelda Staunton Joins the Cast of the Crown

Everything You Should Know About “The Crown” Season 5

Credit: Alex Bailey/Netflix

This season, Queen Elizabeth will be played by Imelda Staunton – famous for playing the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series. The Oscar nominee voiced her excitement about the role, mentioning how she loved watching the series and is happy to join the production.

Staunton said she is honored to inherit this role from two excellent actresses and will do her best to portray the Queen according to people’s expectations.

2. Elizabeth Debicki Plays Princess Diana

Princess Diana, also known as “the people’s princess,” ” is played by a different actress this season after Emma Corrin delivered an outstanding performance in Season 4. Debicki is known for her roles in other productions, such as The Great Gatsby.

The actress is delighted to play the Princess of Wales, mentioning how her words, actions, and spirit still lived in the hearts of so many people, despite so much time passing since her death. Besides, Debicki was a fan of The Crown herself, speaking about how she’s been watching excitedly since season 1.

3. The Plot Will Focus on the 1990s

Season 4 of The Crown ended with the Queen refusing to let Charles and Diana end their marriage. So, naturally, fans are curious about the direction that Season 5 will take. Most likely, the new season will focus on the 1990s. Anyone following the royal family’s history knows what happened during that period and what to expect from the new episodes – especially regarding Charles and Diana.

The 90s was a turbulent time, not only for the Queen’s children but also for the Queen herself. Three of her children had disastrous relationships. Charles and Diana separated, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips divorced, and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson separated. Many people still probably remember the chaos that ensued when the separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales was announced, with the press criticizing the couple.

But fans are looking forward to seeing the tragic fate of Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997. The season will show all of this, and it’s a storyline that all royal fans are eager to see.

4. The Season Will Be Released in November

Everything You Should Know About “The Crown” Season 5

Credit: @thecrownnetflix

On November 9, 2022, The Crown will return to our screens. So, we’re very close to the premiere of the fifth season.

For a while, production for the show stopped following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Peter Morgan, the creator of the show, came out on September 8, announcing that the production would stop for some time out of respect for Her Majesty.

5. Season 5 Is Not the Last One

Although the fifth season of The Crown was meant to be the last one, things have changed. Fans will still be able to follow the royal family’s story, as The Crown has been renewed for another season.

According to Peter Morgan, the story is too detailed to have one season wrap everything up. And while some expect Season 6 to take us closer to today, this will not be the case. Instead, the next season will most likely follow the events in the late 90s, following Princess Diana’s death, and the early 2000s, with the lives of Prince Harry and Prince William.

6. Emma Corrin Might Still Make an Appearance

Everything You Should Know About “The Crown” Season 5


Even though we have a new actress portraying Princess Diana, Emma Corrin from Season 4 might still appear in the new season. She might portray flashbacks of Princess Diana, and fans are not complaining. After all, Corrin delivered a flawless performance, and everyone wanted more of her as the princess.

So, are you ready for The Crown Season 5? The wait is nearing its end, and soon enough, you’ll be able to follow the story of the royals.

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