Behind-The-Scenes Special Goes into the Making of The Witcher


Who else is excited for The Witcher season 2 to come around? According to the way the books go, it’s likely that we’ll see more of Ciri and Geralt together, and Triss might make herself known as well, and Yennefer of course will be there along with many others that will help the story to build and grow.  There’s so much more left to the Witcher’s world that we haven’t seen yet and if anyone’s been reading the books then they know that the unrest in the world is only going to continue to expand. One of the most obvious reasons why filming on the second season has been stymied is due to the coronavirus, which has been shutting everything down these last several months, but hopefully, if things go well we’ll see season 2 of the show eventually and be able to continue the adventures of Geralt in 2021 since likely as not it won’t be anytime soon given all that has to go into the season. With everything that’s been happening as of late, it’s easy to think that a lot of people haven’t given a lot of thought to the Witcher and the ongoing saga. The last time we saw Geralt he was still recovering from an attack from ghouls and had just made the connection with Ciri, ostensibly to be her protector and a possible mentor. That kind of a cliffhanger is too good to just walk away from since a lot of people that have been invested in the Witcher are now wanting to see where this can go.

What’s easy to anticipate is that Ciri is going to be even more powerful than Geralt at some point since in the books she’s not only being taught by the Witcher but also by Triss and eventually by Yennefer, so it’s safe to say that the power she has within her being is beyond any of them and could possibly be far more destructive if she’s trained and schooled in its use. Magic in the Witcher’s world is a potent and dangerous thing but bound up in a human being that was born with it, one can only imagine what’s going to happen. This is why reading the books is recommended since it tells the story of the lot of them in a way that’s utterly compelling and is bound to raise expectations in a way that might disappoint some people even as it amazes some when they see what’s been done. The story isn’t bound to be one hundred percent accurate but thus far it’s been building to the original story, so it will be enticing to see what comes when season 2 arrives. So far it’s been a wild ride as we’ve seen a few characters built up and fleshed out in a way that’s likely been confusing to some and nothing less than great to many others. Geralt is the grumpy, disillusioned Witcher, a man that hunts and kills monsters for money, while Yennefer started as the unwanted child that was sold by an uncaring father figure. Of course, thanks to her desire to be beautiful and powerful she gave up nearly everything to get what she wanted. Ciri is perhaps the only real innocent in this story since she was born under circumstances that she had no control over, but her time to shed that innocence is coming, since if anyone has read the books then they know just what road she traverses later on.

Looking behind the scenes it does appear that things have been more fun than they might sound like at times as the cast does what they can in order to bring the story to life. One of the best things to hear is that the cast and crew are getting along and that together they’re working hard to find a way to entertain those that will watch the end result, as a smooth and cooperative collaboration is usually something that fans love to hear about. There’s no doubt that there are problems from time to time, either someone misses their mark, they forget their lines, or they somehow flub the moment. But the end result is usually so impressive that anything that happens before that is forgotten as the fans are rightly amazed and wonder just how the effects were created as they marvel at the acting and the story itself. The thing is that people want to see the end result, and only those that are really invested in every facet of the story tend to care about what goes on behind the scenes. To some, it’s like having the curtain in Oz pulled, again and again, it kind of ruins the magic and the whole aspect of the story. But for others, it’s a nice glimpse into what goes on during the process, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

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