Eastwick 1.06 “Bonfires and Betrayals” Recap

Eastwick 1.06 “Bonfires and Betrayals” Recap

Eastwick brought the goodies last night for it’s Halloween themed episode and I was ecstatic to see the return of Bun and the plot thickening as she shared scenes with Darryl. Oh and the Jamie’s mother mystery went somewhere that I didn’t see coming.

The Witches Field

Roxie leads a tour for the Eastwick Witches Field where townspeople are getting ready for the annual Witch Burning ceremony, which consists of dressing up coffins for the metaphorical demons (debt, ex lovers, bad grades, etc) that have haunted the residents of Eastwick for the year. In the tour group is Bun, who usually gives the tour but sat out due to her memory loss. While Roxie flubs through the tour, Darryl shows up and in the process unnerves Bun, who tells Roxie that Darryl is a bad man after he leaves. Roxie then has the same vision of the funeral and she collapses and screams. When a tour member calls Roxie crazy, Bun defends Roxie by telling the tour member to shut her trap and ‘can’t you see that she has just been to a funeral!’

Say what?!?!

Later, Roxie tries to get Bun to remember what happened, but Bun only knows what she saw. Roxie then asks Bun if she saw anything that Roxie didn’t see and Bun did: she saw that whoever was going to die, they died by a statue. Roxie immediately knows who and runs to Darryl’s place as the statue he had built is about to topple over and kill him. Roxie gets there in time to push him out the way and screams in glory that she can change the future. But Darryl kills that joy when his henchmen find out that the statue wasn’t bolted down properly due to Chad, who Darryl fires.

Later, Chad comes to Roxie’s and asks why didn’t she take up for him, but Roxie says that her hands were tied and I ponder how can you really take up for shoddy craftsmanship? Chad’s a cool dude, but seriously… When he doesn’t get the answer he wants, Chad angrily leaves, not answering Roxie’s question of picking her up for the bonfire.

Meanwhile, Mia tries to make things up with Josh, but his ego is still bruised a little. He asks her to go with him to the bonfire and to dress up in a costume. Aww…

Kat, Joanna, and a Kidnapping

While Joanna eats her sorrows away (dipping salty chips in chocolate ice cream is a huge problem), Kat and Roxie try to cheer her up. But Kat tries even harder to get Joanna to go after Will, something that Joanna notices, but doesn’t elaborate on. Joanna builds up the courage to visit Will at the newspaper office and she apologizes to him and Will actually accepts the apology and understands her plight.

But he still doesn’t want to date her anymore.

Will tells Joanna that he has moved on and Joanna uses her powers to say who has he moved on to exactly and he reveals it was Kat. Joanna is stunned and Penny (who witnessed the whole thing) tells Joanna, ‘I told you not to trust them crazies!’HA!

Joanna goes to confront Kat at the hospital and Kat says that she never wanted to hurt Joanna and that she has zero feelings for Will, but the damage is far severe in Joanna’s eyes and she declares that she and Kat shouldn’t speak to each other for awhile. Wonder how is that going to work out for Kat’s sleeping arrangements?

Meanwhile, Penny gets a visitor in Jaime, who Penny blames for all of Joanna’s troubles since it was his information on Darryl that got Joanna fired. Jamie sticks with his story, but Penny says that despite the great sex, he needs to step off.

Joanna returns back to drowning herself in her sorrows and fatty food combinations at home and while reaching for the remote, she is shocked to find that she has the power of telekinesis after the remote moves towards her. Before she could have fun with this new ability, there is a persistent knock on the door. Joanna goes to answer it and it is none other than Pastor Dunne who chloroforms her and takes her from the apartment.

While she’s tied up in the back of his van, Pastor Dunne talks about Joanna helping him see his hypocrisy and now it’s her turn. When Joanna uses her powers to persuade Pastor Dunne, it doesn’t work and he says ‘Thou Shalt Not Suffer The Sorceress!’


When Pastor Dunne takes Joanna to his hideout, it is apparent that he is building a coffin for the bonfire and that Joanna is going to be his metaphorical demon. Joanna tries to escape, and cuts Pastor Dunne in the process, but he gets the upper hand and knocks her out. He places her in the coffin and sets the coffin at the very top of he bonfire, where nobody can reach her after the fire is lit. Wonder where is the self-righteous Mrs. Dunne at now? I really want to see her face as she tries to justify the derange-ness that is her husband.

An Eastwick Sacrifice

When Joanna won’t return Kat’s calls, Kat goes to Penny and when Penny doesn’t get an answer, Kat gets worried. Along with Penny, the two go back to Joanna’s apartment and they find that Joanna left her keys behind, which means that something is seriously up. The police are of no help, and Penny declares that she will find Joanna on her own since Kat wants to go to Roxie for help, who Penny thinks is the least bright of the ‘trifecta’.

While searching for Joanna by using her picture, Penny runs into Jaime, who still wants Penny and is sorry for everything that has happened. But Penny isn’t ready yet.

Kat runs to Roxie’s and while Roxie and Kat try to figure out something, Bun picks up Joanna’s keys and tosses them back down because they burned her. Roxie and Kat aren’t affected, but Bun literally can’t touch the keys because they burn her. The two other women guess that Joanna has to be at the bonfire and run there, leaving Bun alone again.

While Bun naps, Darryl sneaks in and Bun panics claiming that Darryl shouldn’t be there, because they killed him. Darryl surmises that Bun remembers everything and before he can dig deeper, Mia walks in killing the moment. After Darryl leaves, Bun goes to Witches Field with Mia.

Joanna tries to scream at the top of her lungs from the coffin, but no one can hear her due to the festivities. Man, if they only knew that they were burning an actual witch…

The characters all descend upon the bonfire and when Kat and Roxie arrive, they spot Pastor Dunne staring into the fire. Why no one else noticed him, not to mention his bloody-gashed face, since he has been ‘missing’for so long is beyond me. When Kat and Roxie approach him about Joanna, he tells them it’s too late with a glance into the fire. The two women panic and run for help, but Pastor Dunne slips away undetected.

Bun and Mia arrive and Bun reads Mia’s mind, which reveals that Mia is embarrassed being seen with Bun. Mia just go find your friends and stick with them like glue. When Josh appears out the crowd, he is not in costume and Mia is shocked to find out that he was just kidding about dressing up. Mia tells him that she will go lengths to prove how much she likes him. Bun tells them to kiss already and this is why I love Bun! She reads minds perfectly.

Roxie runs to tell the firefighters to put out the fire, but they can’t hear or understand her. Kat was told by Roxie to go find the Sheriff, but instead Kat tries to climb the blazing bonfire to get to Joanna. When she gets close, Will pulls her away and the blaze gets higher and engulfs the coffins. Kat goes into hysterics and she screams for Joanna and then all of a sudden raindrops start to fall and Kat has brought in a rain shower that douses the flames and then stops. Will goes up and he opens up Joanna’s casket, and she is surprised to see Will of all people ‘rescue’her.

Back in town, Jamie opens up his spell book and takes out a letter. Oh and by the way, the symbol that has appeared everywhere is a triskel, a Celtic symbol. Jamie meets up with Penny and tells her about Joanna and she panics. He calms her nerves and says that he is willing to take her to the hospital. Penny wonders why is he so nice, when she treats him like crap and he says that he still likes her and that he needs her help in bringing down Darryl, because Darryl killed his mother.


While everyone fusses over Joanna, she thanks Will who tells her that it was Kat who ‘tried to walk through fire’to save Joanna. While the others leave, Joanna and Kat reconcile and Joanna finds that it is quite touching that Kat went into the fire for her.

Darryl pulls up after everything has went down and comes across Bun and Roxie, after slick telling Bun to take a hike, he consoles Roxie who tells him about her bad day. When he hugs her, Chad watches from afar and gets pissed. Roxie goes back to the truck where Bun (thank God!) is waiting and Roxie goes into a rant about she wished she could have known that it was Joanna who needed saving, because they could have prevented it way earlier. As she discusses trying to hone her skills, Bun burst out that no matter what Roxie does, she CANNOT change the future, because there are things that have been put in motion that can’t be undone.


Chad walks through town and sees that Darryl has placed his statue at the Eastwick Inn as planned. Chad gets pissed and takes an iron pole and starts attacking the statue, but the statue doesn’t dent or anything. When Chad stops and is about to walk away, the statue topples over and kills Chad on impact.

Dammit, dammit, DAMMITT!!!!!

Perceptions of Mine’s Eye

– Tonight, I thought that it was either going to be Chad or Bun to bite the bullet, but I was leaning towards Bun, because of her name being absent from last week’s credits (it was back in this week’s) and how they kept leaving her unattended last night. I was on the edge of my seat every time Bun was on her own cause she is a big key to the mystery and I don’t want her to go yet. Plus, Veronica Cartwright just kicks ass in anything she does. With that said, I will most definitely miss Chad, because he was the good guy to Darryl’s bad guy and the conflict could have lasted all season.

– Mia and Josh. 1) Just when the two settled their differences, Chad had to die and I am scared for these two now. I just need Mia to stop being embarrassed 24/7 and be happy for once. She has been through enough.

– Pastor Dunne again proved my fear for organized religion this week, because something tells me that they are going to spin it for him to be the victim in all of this.

– Kat and Joanna’s reconciliation? Classic. Two guys would still be duking it our probably. Then they would go have a beer afterwards. It’s the ego thing.

Have a safe a happy All Hallow’s Eve, friends!!!

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