Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 8 Review: “Friday Afternoon Lights”

Duck Dynasty

Another Wednesday has passed, and so has another episode of the long running Duck Dynasty. For a few years now, A&E has been putting out one of the strongest reality shows on TV. This is no exception.

Overall, this was a fun episode of Duck Dynasty. Sure, like anything, it had its ups and downs, but by and large, this was a great effort by the Duck Dynasty team. This week: Willie becomes an assistant coach of his son’s middle school football team, so he brings along his  “coaching crew” of Jase, Godwin, Martin, and Phil to help. Meanwhile, Jep and Alan convince Si and Miss Kay to accompany them to the gym.

Willie’s bit as the assistant coach started out a little awkward. On occasion, Willie makes me cringe because he’s ten times more awkward than my dad could ever be. Luckily, he was saved pretty quickly by some good editing. The crew must have a lot of footage to get through, but they put these packages together so well! Willie spent most of his time as an assistant coach yelling at the kids to run faster. Then, when his son challenged him to a race, he hurt his hamstring. After Willie was hamstrung by his hamstring, the kids and the adults had a four on four football battle. The adults won, of course, but just barely, and they were very lucky that Phil was their quarterback. For those who don’t know, Phil Robertson preceded Terry Bradshaw at quarterback for LSU, but he retired from football to focus on hunting, which was his true passion. So needless to say…he’s pretty good! That worked out well to lead the team of grown men to victory over the middle school boys.

The Jep and Alan B-plot was significantly less entertaining, but it’s always fun to get Si into a ridiculous situation. Si doesn’t go to gyms or work out, so he wasn’t really sure what to make of cardio machines, weights, or even water aerobics. Having Miss Kay along can’t have been particularly helpful, but she was never as ridiculous as Si. Si’s quips and quotes can make anything funny. It’s always nice to see Alan, too, because he’s not always around, but he adds a lot to episodes when he is present.

Not the greatest episode in the history of the show, but another solid effort from the cast and crew of Duck Dynasty this week.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the episode:

“Everyone is always telling me that being lazy is a bad thing”- Si (they tell me that too!!)

“You look like you’re 100”- Jep, estimating Si’s age

“That’s a good way to get neutered”- Alan, referring to one of Jep’s exercises

“I can’t remember 14 days without diarrhea”- Si, commenting on the gym’s pool rules

“You can’t even have diarrhea without the government interfering”- Si. While I agree, I don’t think the government makes the pool rules at the gym.

What did you guys think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo via A&E]

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