Drew Barrymore To Bring Black Rose Anthology to TV Life

Drew Barrymore To Bring Black Rose Anthology to TV Life

A recent announcement by the CW indicates that their lineup of hit shows is about to become horror-ific with the intro of a new series that is being developed by a female producer, namely Drew Barrymore. It’s called “Black Rose Anthology” and it’s definitely a full-on horror series. And, the CW is no stranger to the occult and scary genre with their numerous occult-oriented series like the ever-popular “The Vampire Diaries”, “Supernatural”, and “iZombie”.

Drew Barrymore-A Woman of Many Talents

You probably remember Drew from her co-starring roles in a number of blockbusters at a very young age like “Altered States”, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, and “Firestarter”. Then, she grew up into an even bigger name with starring roles in the “Charlie’s Angels” films, “50 First Dates”, “Fever Pitch”, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, “Batman Forever”, and “The Wedding Singer”, just to name a few.

Barrymore also currently plays a zombie on the very funny Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet, where she co-stars with Timothy Olyphant who formerly starred in the great “Justified” series on FX. She’s also done plenty of other TV work, as well, but has now moved on, like many talented actors and actresses, to being mainly behind the camera. Drew’s executive producing, producing, and directing talents were behind some great film and television projects like “Whip It”, “Never Been Kissed”, the “Charlie’s Angels” films, “Donnie Darko”, “Animal”, and “How to be Single”.

Written & Directed by Women

“Black Rose Anthology” is intended to explore themes of survival, paranoia, sexual obsession, insanity, repression, guilt, and jealousy. In a nutshell, the series will explore many of the deepest fears of humanity from a unique and purely feminine perspective. And, every single episode with no exceptions will be both written and directed by women. Jill Blotevogel of “Scream: The TV Series” fame will be writing the pilot episode’s script.

The CW-Champions of Women  

Often known mainly for its DC comics superhero shows, the CW is also becoming known as the network that is making major progress in the quest to allow female voices of the entertainment biz to start working their considerable cinematic magic in what have long been genres that are traditionally male-dominated. Those genres are, of course, superhero stories, sci-fi, and especially horror. If (or should we say when) “Black Rose Anthology” continues on to become an order for a full series, it definitely promises to be an amazing workshop for all of those marginalized female voices to start making their mark on the horror genre world. Women have fought to overturn Hollywood’s gender bias for what certainly seems like forever. In fact, recent years have brought about a louder and louder female battle cry. Now, it really looks like the CW is trying to ramp up that fight and give the fairer sex a fighting chance to win the battle at last.

So, what’s the point of all this? Quite possibly it’s simply that women can do just as good a job as men in all capacities of the entertainment field. Fortunately for all womankind, “Black Rose Anthology” is looking like it just might do that, while also providing some high-quality scary entertainment at the same time.

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