Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope: Full Fan Movie

Dragonball Z has changed a bit since I really followed it. Goku is gone, Vegeta is gone, and the world as it stands is a much bleaker place according to this fanmade video. I’ve always looked askance at this series since so many of the characters are so insanely over-powered as to be able to crack the world in half at their best, but when pitted against one another they’re basically on even ground. It’s the world that really suffers when they start letting loose. That kind of power in a character seems to indicate that are virtually no limits to their abilities so long as the writers want to keep pushing their capabilities to the absolute limit.

It’s still very impressive when put on film. This particular story follows the character of Trunks, a half-breed hybrid born of Bullma and Vegeta, which back in the day seemed like a very unlikely pairing. Trunks is half-Saiyan and half human, meaning that he has the potential to be great, but still has the limitations of his human side. In this film Gohan is his trainer, while Bullma is still doing her inventor thing in an attempt to counter the destruction wrought by the two androids that have been wreaking havoc on the world.

Any son of Vegeta seems like he’d be kind of a little jerk since in his earlier days Vegeta was anything but a good guy. But it would seem that eventually Vegeta became a good guy, though he was still kind of a jerk. He didn’t so much become the nice guy, but he did manage to care enough to train his son how to fight and how to be obedient. To say that Trunks was fearful of his father wouldn’t be entirely accurate, but to state that he cared for his father deeply and sought to make him proud would cover it.

It would appear that the androids however are powerful enough to take on Saiyans and still not suffer all that much for it. While Gohan and the rest can fight and even harm them they are still vulnerable. This says a lot if a Saiyan isn’t powerful enough to eliminate a threat, but considering that Gohan actually surprised one of them and even wounded him it means that they’re not infallible.

The Light of Hope is an accurate name for this fanmade film largely because the two androids are that powerful and just cannot be stopped by any conventional means. Even someone as powerful as Gohan seems unable to stop them, and he’s a person that’s been born to Saiyans and trained by them until he became one of the most powerful figures in the Dragonball Z world. But Trunks has so much untapped potential yet to be realized that he could be even more powerful once he realizes just what he’s capable of, and what kind of energies he can tap into.

This story has a lot of potential and could possibly re-awaken the Dragonball Z presence within the movies if it’s treated right.

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