Jurassic World: Dominion Spent Almost $3 Million On COVID-19 Testing

Jurassic World: Dominion Spent Almost $3 Million On COVID-19 Testing

Jurassic World: Dominion Spent Almost  Million On COVID-19 Testing

When safey is the number one priority, even over keeping the budget within reason for certain things, the price is bound to go up as it has with Jurassic Park: Dominion, as COVID-19 tests have racked up a $3 million dollar bill for the movie since they’ve been testing everyone routinely every week and have been giving tests to anyone that the cast and crew come into contact with as well. When there’s a pandemic going around one can’t be too careful, and while some folks might want to say that it’s simply smart to keep the tedious but necessary tests coming there are many that would praise this since the idea of anyone getting COVID-19 because they were careless is something that could shut down the production again, which might be a bit devastating since production has already been halted once, and there’s no desire on the part of the cast and crew to wait and any longer to finish things off. At $100 test things are bound to get spendy after a while, but with so much on the line it’s not hard to see why people are stressing that this needs to happen so regularly, and the cast and crew appear to be taking it in stride.

The third movie has been anticipated since the end of the second in 2018 since the idea of human beings and the dinosaur hybrids that have been released into the wilds being forced to coexist isn’t bound to end well since even the herbivores are bound to claim their own territory at some point, and to heck with property lines. The whole idea of even making a new dinosaur is something that’s best left in the movies since the argument of whether or not they have the same rights as every other living creature in this world once created would be a muddy one to be certain. When it’s seen that the wild animals living in this current era can’t even coexist with human beings at all times, it’s fair to say that animals that have no idea that they’re out of time and place in this current era would do their absolute best to survive, at any cost. That’s what the hope is for this movie, to show that as much as some people value the animals and want to preserve their lives at all cost, the truth is that living with them isn’t bound to be the best idea since something that tends to outweigh a human by thousands of pounds isn’t bound to be tamed or cowed by anything less than another creature it’s own size, or something it might learn to fear that could kill it in short order.

Since Jurassic Park came out years ago it’s been a question as to whether people could really clone dinosaurs and what might happen if they did. The discussion is obviously one that gets a mixed reaction since there would likely be a lot of people that think dinosaurs could possibly be made docile and able to handle a zoo setting if it was all they knew. That’s actually not a bad bit of logic, but the downfall of that is that humans would be manufacturing a living ecosystem for their own enjoyment, an ecosystem that isn’t virtual or in any way artificial. The ramifications of this kind of thing would be huge, even if there were a chance to ensure that they would be completely harmless. Sooner or later someone would likely argue that the attractions aren’t ‘cool’ enough, or aren’t bringing in the fans as they used to. But the danger of making dinosaurs is far more profound since not only would they be fabricated creatures that would need to be hybridized in a big way, there are likely people out there that would actually think that they’re the perfect weapon, right up until that weapon gets hungry and decides to eat their handler. All the safeguards that might be put in place would miss something at some point, as it’s been proven more than once that humans are not perfect, and in our hubris we tend to overlook and miss things that might be crucial somewhere down the line.

One crucial thing that isn’t being missed on the set of Dominion obviously is the urgency to test each person multiple times a week in order to make certain they’re healthy and able to continue. With several of those on set being of the age that is most susceptible to the virus it’s a wise move to be sure, even it if does take a good deal of time and money. Hopefully things will wrap eventually and the cast and crew can move on and avoid being tested so often, but for now it would appear that it’s better to be over-cautious and safe than sorry.

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