10 Things You Didn’t Know About Married At First Sight’s Dr. Amelia Fatsi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Married At First Sight’s Dr. Amelia Fatsi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Married At First Sight’s Dr. Amelia Fatsi

Dr. Amelia Fatsi is a doctor specializing in Family Medicine and known to American reality TV audiences as one of the featured couples on season 11 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight. Easily one of the more bizarre reality shows on TV, Married at First Sight features a group of three to five couples paired up by relationship experts. The paired couples are expected to agree to marry each other at their first meeting.

Most people would agree that getting married to anyone the first time you meet them is a very strange thing to do. So, it is not surprising that many of the couples who have been on the show are now divorced. However, when season 11 premiered on July 15, 2020, viewers had a renewed sense of hope thanks to Dr. Amelia Fatsi and her matched partner, Bennett Kirschner. So what was it about Fatsi that was so fascinating to TV audiences? Keep reading as we explore 10 things you didn’t know about Married at First Sight‘s Dr. Amelia Fatsi.

1. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Is Not From New Orleans

Dr. Amelia Fatsi interview

Married at First Sight focuses mostly on the first 8 weeks of the marriage of its featured cast. As such, viewers don’t learn much about the couples outside of what is shown. Many viewers will probably be surprised that Dr. Fatsi isn’t actually from New Orleans. This explains why she wasn’t too heartbroken about leaving the city for her residency. Dr. Fatsi is originally from a town in Virginia called Midlothian.

2. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Played Ultimate Frisbee At College

Dr. Amelia Fatsi smiling

Dr. Amelia Fatsi may not seem athletic, but this is exactly why a book should never be judged by its cover. As an undergrad, she was part of the ultimate Frisbee team. In addition to playing on her collegiate team, Dr. Fatsi loves to travel and engage in exciting adventures.

3. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Joined Married At First Sight To Do Something Adventurous

Dr. Amelia Fatsi on Married at First Sight TV show

Cast members of Married at First Sight choose to be a part of the show for various reasons, but Dr. Fatsi was simply looking to have a cool new experience after finishing med school. She told In Touch Weekly, “I wanted to use this time to do something new and different and mostly thought it would be interesting to be on a reality show.” Dr. Fatsi believed that getting married to a random person was a fairly small price to pay to have an adventure.

4. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Takes Her Job Seriously

Dr. Amelia Fatsi at work

Some might have wondered what type of doctor has the time to appear on a TV show to play wife to a stranger. Dr. Amelia Fatsi had the time to appear on a reality TV show because she had just finished med school and was about to start her residency. She currently has a practice in Family Medicine and works in her hometown of Midlothian, Virginia. Dr. Fatsi is affiliated with multiple VA hospitals, including Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center and Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Regional Hospital. Not so bad for a TV star!

5. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Has Taught In Israel

Dr. Amelia Fatsi

Reality TV star Dr. Fatsi is definitely one for adventures. In addition to appearing on Married at First Sight, she once traveled to Israel in 2012. According to her LinkedIn profile, she was in Israel for volunteer work and was involved in activities like teaching English to kids.

6. Just In Case You Need A Scuba Diving Trainer, You Might Consider Dr. Amelia Fatsi

Dr. Amelia Fatsi on vacation

Dr. Amelia Fatsi is an all-around fascinating woman with a lot of hobbies and interests for which there seem to be no limits. The former star of Married at First Sight is also an experienced scuba diver. Her Facebook profile states that she worked as a divemaster for Parrots Dive Center. Becoming a divemaster requires lots of training, and Dr. Fatsi has repeatedly shown she’s not one to back out from a challenge.

7. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Never Questioned Why The Experts Matched Her With Bennett Kirschner

Dr. Amelia Fatsi on Married at First Sight

Many of the couples featured on Married at First Sight sometimes struggle to figure out why the experts paired them with their partners. However, Dr. Fatsi didn’t have such misgivings. She stated that she knew from the moment she met Bennett Kirschner that they had a lot in common. It’s safe to say that many viewers felt the same way she did.

8. Bennett Kirschner and Dr. Amelia Fatsi Are Divorced

Dr. Amelia Fatsi new relationship

Since appearing on the show, Dr. Fatsi’s fan base has grown tremendously, and countless people were interested in learning more about her life after the show. Unfortunately, Dr. Fatsi and Kirschner are divorced. Their marriage lasted just one year after the show aired, but it appears they parted amicably as they still follow each other on Instagram. However, Dr. Fatsi seems to be in a new relationship with a mystery man she is not shy to show off. A look into her Instagram page shows photos of him and her loving captions on them.

9. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Studied Anthropology

Dr. Amelia Fatsi with a patient

Most people who choose to have a career in Medicine often study a related course like biology during their undergraduate years. Dr. Fatsi chose to take a different path. Her LinkedIn profile says she earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Wake Forest University.

10. Dr. Amelia Fatsi Loves Music

Dr. Amelia Fatsi playing the guitar

Dr. Fatsi was raised by a mother who is also a doctor and a stay-at-home dad. While growing up, she was introduced to instruments and played several of them. Dr. Amelia Fatsi loves to sing, and in 2019, she performed at the wedding ceremony of one of her old classmates from college.

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