Under the Dome 2.06 Review: “In the Dark”


Who else was half expecting this week’s Under the Dome to open on an entirely new character living in the recently discovered tunnel?  It turns out there is no Desmond Hume equivalent living there, but what lies beyond the tunnel could certainly lead to even more Lost comparisons down the line if it’s all headed where I think it is.

Of course Junior didn’t hesitate to climb down the ladder into the tunnel because he still believes Lyle killed Angie and this was his escape route.  He’s (probably) right that this was how Lyle escaped, but he doesn’t realize that the actual murderer is his uncle Sam, who just so happens to follow him down.  Lucky for Junior, Barbie wasn’t far behind them and he even saved Junior when he tripped a wire that triggered rocks to cave in.  Now Barbie and Sam are trapped with nowhere to go once they stumble onto a ledge over a deep dark abyss.

The guys bicker back and forth for a while but they start to relate to each other in a twisted sense.  It isn’t until Barbie sees the scratch marks on Sam that his suspicions are confirmed: he killed Angie.  Sam spills all his secrets about the night Melanie died and now his mission to kill all the four hands to bring down the dome.  When asked if he would even kill Junior, Sam admits that he’ll have to do that eventually and then he’ll kill himself.  They were talking about how ghosts of their pasts haunt them since they’ve both admittedly killed people.  Just before Sam steps off the ledge, he left Barbie with the warning that if and when he sees enough people die, Julia included, he’ll be the one to pull the trigger on the kids himself.

If all it takes to escape the dome is to jump off the ledge into the darkness, it’ll probably be a while until we know for sure.  That could be the way out, but is it possible to get back in?  In the previews for next week, it looks like Barbie voluntarily cuts the cord he’s propelling down with because something is pulling him down.  Does this mean we’ll get to see Barbie, Sam, Lyle and Pauline outside of the dome?  I hope so!

Rebecca’s really coming in handy this season as she’s the brains to the solutions behind every problem that pops up.  There’s a dust storm blowing around outside in Chester’s Mill that if it continues, it could suffocate everyone because the dome is semi-permeable and dust could block any fresh air from circulating in.  Rebecca had the solution of a windmill to disperse water into the air to break up the dust.  Jim and the townspeople rally together to save themselves while Rebecca is helping Julia with explosives to blow the rocks away to free Barbie and Sam.  It’s a nice change to see Rebecca not conspiring with Jim all the time, and now that she’s siding with Julia, she just might be a little more tolerable.

Junior took off after the cave in occurred to make sure that Joe and Norrie are safe in case Lyle is on the loose.  They all take shelter in Angie’s old apartment, only briefly leaving when Melanie proposes they try to find the egg that Julia dropped in the lake where she was found.  Melanie was one of the four hands who touched the egg back in the 1980s so she can sort of stand-in for Angie with the current generation of teens who hold power over the egg.  Their four hands placed on the egg reveal the pink stars falling in lines that they saw last season, but this time some of the stars form a shape of a building that Melanie recognizes from her hometown of Zenith.  Barbie’s from Zenith, so if and when he gets out of the dome, I wonder if he’ll have any reason to go home and find any answers there.

What did you think of the episode?  Where do you think the pit leads to?  Is it a magical portal to normal life outside the dome or is there really nothing at the bottom of it?

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