Does Eddie Brock Already Exist In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Just think about the time when Marvel fans thought Tom Hardy should play Wolverine. Who would’ve thought he would be the perfect Eddie Brock? Hey, he’s a thousand times better than Eric Foreman from Spider-Man 3 at least. But in all seriousness, it’s really no surprise that Tom Hardy was able to deliver a stellar performance as one of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies. Let’s just appreciate the fact that his performance as the first Venom made us laugh way more than we thought it would. It’s basically Ren and Stimpy if they made a comic book movie. If you thought that never would have worked for a Venom movie, please give it a second viewing. And if haven’t seen Venom: Let There Be Carnage, I think you’ll appreciate Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and the voice of Venom even more. But let’s talk more about Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and his presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And yes, I will be giving out some spoilers. Oh, and not just for the second Venom movie, but for the recently released Spider-Man: No Way Home as well. And believe me when I tell you, it sets up for something we’re all dying to see.

For those of you who have seen Venom: Let There Be Carnage, you know that Eddie Brock and Venom were transported to the MCU around the same time Peter Parker’s identity was revealed to the whole world. This intrigued Venom very much, to the point where he really wanted to bite his head off. This could be setting up for another interaction between Venom and Spider-Man, only this time, it can be done properly. We all want to see it and I’m willing to bet some hard-earned money that the two of them will finally meet in Venom three. I mean, is there any other option? It’s the most logical choice for another Venom sequel after he killed Carnage in the last one. However, I think we need to see something else first. Here’s a hint: we’ve already seen it before in a past Spider-Man movie. Anyone else remember black-suited Spider-Man? Yeah, yeah, I get that was in Spider-Man 3, but it’s still pretty hard to forget. I think we all remember it for the wrong reasons. And yes, I’m talking about the funniest scene from Spider-Man 3, the infamous dancing scene that Peter Parker did under the influence of the symbiote. Admit it, you guys laugh your heads off when you watch that nowadays. Talk all the smack you want, but it also generated some hilarious memes and Bully Maguire videos. But then, we’re all reminded of Topher Grace coming in as the Eddie Brock of that world. And boy, that sure was one of the least intimidating villains in comic book movie history.

But let’s not lose sleep over the past. We got a new Spider-Man, a new Venom, and two fine actors playing those characters. And yes, both of them want this battle to happen. But we got to think about Eddie Brock being in the MCU and the possibility of him running into Peter Parker in the near-future. Well, guess what? The post-credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us an interesting little foreshadowing for future Spider-Man movies. And again, I’m about to reveal a not-so little spoiler, so please, I implore you, go watch No Way Home immediately. But I’ll just unfold all the cards and say that the first post-credits scene in No Way Home gives us something to look forward to. Eddie Brock and Venom spend a short time in the MCU and are transported back to their universe. However, Venom actually left something behind before they disappeared. Want to guess what it is? Literally a small part of himself. I think we can call guess where that’s going. We could be seeing the emergence of Tom Holland becoming the black-suited Spider-Man.

That sounds like fun, but get this. What if the MCU already has an Eddie Brock living in the same city as Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? If that’s the case, then Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is a variant of that one. I think if that theory of mine is true, then the Eddie Brock existing in the MCU could be far less heroic than the one in the Sony Universe. Tom Hardy’s version is already more of an anti-hero, but the theoretical MCU version could be more like the comic version. In other words, he’ll be a opportunistic sleaze ball willing to use any dirty trick in order to get ahead. This is exactly what has gotten him in hot water with Spider-Man and led to one of the most iconic comic book rivalries of all time. I think this could lead to something very similar in the MCU with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. With the small part of the symbiote left behind, it can attach itself to Peter and he’ll eventually separate himself from it. Where will it go from there? That’ll be the time to bond with the MCU’s far more selfish and vengeful Eddie Brock. We could finally see a proper battle between Spider-Man and a truly evil Venom. And of course, this could lead to the current Venom we’re all familiar with stepping in and forming an uneasy partnership with Peter. That’s something we all want to see, but we comic fans would really like to see Peter fight a more villainous Eddie Brock. Plus, it would be quite the scene seeing Sony’s Eddie Brock and Venom interact with their more despicable variant.

I think it’s a strong possibility that Eddie Brock could already exist in the MCU. If he does, then it could lead to the heated interaction with Spider-Man we deserve to see. You know, where he doesn’t reveal his face every five minutes. Oh boy, that was very anti-climactic. But then again, Sam Raimi wasn’t even trying with his Venom. What are your thoughts, Marvel fans? Can Eddie Brock already be in the MCU? For all we know, someone else entirely could become the new Venom. Flash Thompson, anyone? That’s the funnest thing about the symbiotes. Whoever merges with it becomes a different kind of Venom.

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