New First Order Vehicles Revealed For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

New First Order Vehicles Revealed For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

New First Order Vehicles Revealed For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

As if the First Order from Star Wars wasn’t scary enough to begin with they’ll be coming out with a new Imperial Walker and a new type of Dreadnought. Yeah, because their weaponry wasn’t impressive enough to begin with, right? The AT-M6, which stands for All Terrain Megacaliber 6, is a truly terrifying nightmare of high tech machinery that not only looks like it could wipe out a Rebel base all by its lonesome, but in reality could probably leave a pretty big dent.

Unlike its earlier cousins the AT-M6 moves forward with a much different gait, as the ball joints on its front “feet” that help to stabilize the massive cannon that rides atop its back. It kind of looks like something out of Battlestar Galactica with the front end design, but apart from that it is all First Order, and it is walking death to anyone or anything in its way.

Following that is the First Order Dreadnought. This triangular city-ship is close to five miles in length and makes the old Destroyers look like toys. Plus it has redesigned the command tower in a manner that seems even more ill-advised than the models before it due to the elongated structure that runs almost the width of the ship. Like its earlier versions however it does feature massive cannons on its underside that are capable of aerial bombardment from space, and it also features a large number of cannons on its dorsal side that are capable of tracking any enemies that come within range. In short, it’s a hovering wedge of death carving through the eternal night sky that is space, and anyone caught in the crosshairs is going to be one hurting unit indeed.

The excitement for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is building to a fever pitch now as the months continue to roll on. The terrifying weaponry that the First Order is going to have access to is at this point seeming even more potent than the Starkiller Base from Episode VII. Why you ask? Well to start with a planet-sized base isn’t too hard for the rebels to find, and obviously it’s not that hard to sabotage, and even more, it’s a freakin’ planet. It’s not going to be moving all that fast so evasion tactics are not as up to snuff as they would be on the AT-M6 or the dreadnought. Granted, neither one of those move that fast either but their maneuverability is still far superior. And they can hit without utterly destroying whatever it is they’re aiming at.

Granted, Starkiller Base is a great solution to a rebel problem when they’re scattered over several worlds at a time, but if you’re really trying to go for shock and awe a mobile force is often more devastating simply because it IS mobile and can go from place to place. While the walkers are kind of grounded and the dreadnoughts are primarily space vehicles it still leaves the impression that the First Order has its bases covered.

But really, that never seems to stop the rebels.


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