Do You Believe This Loki Secret Villain Theory about The Time Keepers?

It takes a lot of work to get one over on a god of mischief, but it’s possible that the TVA has done this without knowing it, meaning that the TVA might be a farce, a false front for whoever’s really pulling the strings behind the scenes. That probably sounds a bit grandiose and possibly too vague to really get anything from, especially since in the Marvel universe there are plenty of beings that love to play the part of a puppeteer. But given that there are a few very nasty villains making their way into the MCU at one point or another, it’s not hard to think that the many holes within Loki’s plot aren’t going to be filled eventually by revealing that the main villain of the series, or villains, have created the TVA for their own purpose and are now using it to fool around with a god that thought himself to be above it all. Loki’s arrogance is on full display after all in the first episode, and while he does get the drop on the TVA agents at one point, he eventually agrees to work with Agent Mobius in order to track down a variant of himself that was supposedly created when he messed with the Sacred Timeline.

The trouble with believing that a variant of Loki is out killing TVA agents and disrupting timelines is that Mobius was already able to ascertain from a young French girl that the attacker had the grizzled appearance of a devil, which points to only one character that people might think of. Mephisto was rumored to be a part of WandaVision, but since that didn’t happen it’s likely that this could be the famed devil’s chance to enter the MCU finally. But that’s not the only villain that people are thinking about since Mobius did mention a department about nightmares, which means some are thinking that the villainous Nightmare could show up, or be announced before he’s given over to the Doctor Strange sequel. Then there’s the idea that the resident time traveler of the Marvel universe, Kang the Conqueror, might even show up. The implications for having any one of the three or all three in Loki would be humongous since not only would each villain be fun to see, but they would be able to justify the inclusion of many other characters eventually.

It feels as though the show might need a second season or risk being overloaded with too many villains at one time if this were to happen, especially since each villain has a tremendous amount of ego that each character possesses. But to see even one or two of them would be great, and to think that the Time Keepers that supposedly formed the TVA out of the many divergent timelines would be pretty cool too. One thing that some people are tripping on though is the fact that there’s a Sacred Timeline at all when the multiverse would be host to multiple timelines no doubt. It does feel as though whoever is the big bad in this show is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by creating such a thing.

As I mentioned, being able to trick someone like Loki would be quite a feat, but the fact is that his arrogance tends to blind him to anything he doesn’t happen to think is important quite often, which makes Loki a bit weaker and able to be manipulated than people think. Plus, as it’s been seen in the movies and now in the show, Loki does have strong emotional ties to his life and to the world around him that he doesn’t like people seeing, but is bound by all the same. That’s part of why Loki in the MCU has never been the greatest villain and why some folks have had sympathy for him since he is the type of bad guy that admits he’s just ‘that way’ but also has feelings for others no matter what he claims.

So far the show has been a lot of fun, and it’s left far more questions than it’s answered, which was to be expected. Loki is after all the god of mischief and anything he says or does needs to be heavily scrutinized and then filtered through in order to parse out what’s genuine and what’s a part of whatever scheme he might be running. But the hope here is that at some point the confusing mess of the TVA will be sorted out and it will be revealed to be a giant lie that someone in the wings has been perpetrating. And seriously, who’s better to do this than those that operate behind the scenes on a regular basis? The villains named in this article are bound to be the best for the job, and the hope is that we’ll get to see at least one of them.

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