DMX Was a Huge Fan of The Golden Girls

This is one of those times when it’s best not to assume anything about a person until it’s found out just what their likes and dislikes are since if asked, a lot of people might have never thought that the recently deceased rapper DMX was a fan of The Golden Girls. It’s not hard to see anyone being a fan of the show since the four women that made it great were hilarious, and the show took on a wide number of subjects that audiences have enjoyed for years, but from the point of view of four retired and older women that each had a distinct outlook on life that gave them the individual personalities that worked so well. Of the four, only Betty White is still around, and she’s just as feisty as ever and loving life as much as she can. But it’s fun to think that Earl Simmons and Gabrielle Union, his costar on the movie Cradle 2 the Grave, which also starred Jet Li, would actually sit in Earl’s trailer and watch episodes of the show while laughing uproariously at the jokes. It might sound like stereotyping in a way, but to think that the rapper with one of the most notorious growls in the industry was sitting there drinking Heineken and laughing at four old white women is amusing since it’s not something that a lot of people would guess was happening.

That’s what assumption gets a person though since too many people think they know a person by how they look, how they sound, and what they do for a living. DMX was known by many to be a very talented individual both on-screen and onstage since he spent a good part of his life entertaining people and spreading the messages he felt passionate about. Passing on at the age of 50 feels a little too young, but there’s not much to be done since one day everyone has to go, and we don’t always get to pick the time or place. But remembering folks and the things they did once they’re gone is one of the best ways to pay our respects since going over why and how he died is important for those that are involved in such things but is more than a little morbid when trying to go over his achievements and talents. Anytime his growling voice could be heard coming through the speakers a lot of people couldn’t help but get pumped since several of his songs, including a couple that were used in his movies, inspired a lot of people to get up and get busy with life. That kind of motivation is hard to find sometimes and is absolutely valuable to those that can use it in a positive manner.

But again, to hear that he liked The Golden Girls, that’s just funny since sitting and watching that show used to be something that some of us did when there was absolutely nothing on. A lot of us should be able to admit that once we got a little older and understood the jokes and situations that the show was even better since the ladies were more than a little sarcastic and at times were downright mean to each other. But the comedy that came from their remarks and insults, whether they were thinly-veiled or not, was absolute gold since their delivery was on point and flawless most times. Watching the outtakes of the show is pretty funny as well since it makes clear the fact that the ladies weren’t perfect and flubbed their lines just as much as anyone else at times. But when they hit the mark and got everything right it was insanely funny. A lot of people had their favorite Golden Girl, and typically it depended on one’s own attitude and personality who they liked since sometimes people would appreciate the woman that was opposite of themselves, and others would relate to those that were most like them. It was pretty much agreed between a lot of people that Rose, played by Betty White, was an absolute ditz, and she played it perfectly. Personally, I liked Sophia, the oldest, who was played by Estelle Getty, since she typically let her words fly and wasn’t really in the mood to care about how people felt about her comments.

She was also the woman that took the least guff from anyone and actually smacked a young man in the mouth when he came to stay with the women during an episode. The kid was giving her a steady stream of attitude and she didn’t like it, so she went old school and reminded him of his place among his elders. That might not fly with a lot of people today, but there are times when it’s enough to get someone to pay attention. The Golden Girls was a great show, which proved that DMX had great taste in TV shows.

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