Dexter Has To Come Back Television, Right? Please?

The crime drama series Dexter has been off the air for about four years now and people are STILL pining to get it back. It’s for good reason however since the show didn’t end on the best note as some people have discussed, and because it really was that loved that fans want a proper sendoff and not something that leaves them hanging for years to come. Far too many shows perform what amounts to a giant tease that sends their fan base into a frenzy of hateful tweets and other utterances over social media about the lack of wisdom and vision on the part of those making the show. People want to know what happened to Dexter and why the show ended the way it did and many other things that weren’t fully closed upon the ending of the finale. They want to know that their favorite show could have a possibility of coming back simply because it wasn’t wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Unfortunately there’s not much chance of it coming back since there has to be any news or indication that the lead star or the rest of the cast would return. In order to stage a successful season 9 the cast would need to return and Dexter might have to go back to Miami, or start his killing ways up somewhere else. Obviously it wouldn’t be much of a show if he came back and they started off with Dexter swearing off killing for any reason. Dexter coming back is not in the cards right now it would seem, but it needs to be.

The reason for this was that Dexter was the kind of show that immediately drew people in thanks to many factors. One of the most important among them however is that Dexter allows the audience to escape the burden of morality if only for a little bit. To better explain that, he erases the line between what we would want to versus what we would do if we were in his position.

Tell yourself that you wouldn’t gladly take justice into your own hands if it was legal, just try. Many of you might believe that law and order in our society is so vastly important that to flout it in any way would be morally and ethically wrong. But what if you could get away with bringing justice to those who are allowed by our legal system to walk free? What if you could target pedophiles, murderers, and other such heinous criminals without really needing to think of the legal ramifications? Anyone still think they wouldn’t?

Dexter is an important figure because he shows us the capability of forgetting one’s morals for a short time and also the dangers of doing so. He might be out killing those who would harm others, but in the process he is harming those that care about him by taking justice into his own hands. He’s allowing his urges to drive him, rather than his sense of reason.

We need Dexter back to remind us of what morality means, and what consequences are brought by ignoring it.

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