Dexter 5.06 – “Everything is Illuminated” Sneak Peeks and Analysis

Dexter 5.06 – “Everything is Illuminated” Sneak Peeks and Analysis

If you thought this week’s Dexter was awesome, check out these clips from next week’s all new episode “Everything is Illuminated.” Let’s have a peek and discuss where all of this might be heading.

First of all, how fantastic is it to see Geoff Pierson’s Captain Matthews on the scene. This guy is such an effective foil for Laguerta, and seeing him bite into Deb’s pride here is just painful. The man exudes smugness, yet as much as we want to kick him in the face for bringing down Dex’s little sister in front of her peers, the guy makes a valid point. Was this break worth as much as Deb thought it was?

I’m guessing the dialogue here was written with a future purpose in mind. In this day of government waste, it seems like officials are always looking for fresh bodies to throw under the bus – and you just know that Matthews is seething for some payback after Batista and Laguerta bested him in that power play last season. Oh, and Quinn is back from “vacation,” so the suspense is ramping up regarding when Deb will catch wind of her partner’s interest in her big brother Dexter.

Speaking of which, just what is going on with Deb and Quinn? It seems that despite her strong-willed independence, she is gradually being taken over by the momentum. I’m sentimental at heart, so I love the fact that Dexter might get his apartment back, but bringing closure to that seems to be putting Deb in a corner with her relationship with Quinn. Seems they might not remain just F@#% Buddies for long.

Nice attention to detail with Deb noticing the sunglasses, something a detective would certainly do. It also begs the question, how long can Dexter’s nature remain invisible to Deb? Maybe I’m imagining things, but Dexter speaking to Deb in his dark inner voice almost seemed to punctuate that. Gave me a chill!

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