What We Learned from The Dexter: New Blood Full Trailer

What We Learned from The Dexter: New Blood Full Trailer

For a show that’s supposed to be ending with this coming season, Dexter: New Blood, really looks like something that’s going to be seeking to build a new start and create a new story that might keep going. Even if it looks that way though, it’s a bit obvious that the titular character is feeling the cracks begin to widen as his assumed identity begins to slip just a bit, and things start to happen that might indicate that he’s not quite as done as he might have thought. The life he led before disappearing is starting to come back to him it would appear and it’s not certain just how far into the next season it will be that he gets back to his old habits. For a final season, this sure looks prophetic, but that could be reading too much into it at this point since it’s very likely that the imagery is building up to something that we’re not seeing, or that people will seek to explain before the season even starts. If there’s one thing that Dexter does well, it’s imagery, especially the type that is bound to make people think.

But Dexter’s ability to keep his darker desires at bay is going to be something that apparently stands as a bigger challenge than he’s going to be able to overcome obviously since otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for another season. But anything with a sharp edge is about to become an instrument of death it would appear from watching the trailer, it’s just a matter of finding out which implement will be used on who and why. That might sound a little morbid, but it’s pretty accurate really when one thinks about it, especially since this is bound to be a fitting goodbye to a character that a lot of fans don’t want to say goodbye to.

That fact is still a little bit hard to take since so many fans have seen it necessary to speak up about the idea that one of their favorite shows didn’t end the way they wanted it to. If not for Michael C. Hall and a few others lamenting the way the show ended, it would feel that the fans might need to stiffen their lip and just move on. But when even those that are making the show agree that something better could be given, then something is bound to come along that will satisfy everyone, hopefully. There’s no guarantee that this final season will be enough to keep everyone happy, but it’s a good start since it’s bringing back a character that a lot of people happen to like and didn’t want to lose. That sentiment does become repetitive, but it can’t be said enough since people need to realize that Dexter is going to be on his way out after this season. As much as he’s been liked, as much popularity he’s amassed, the show is still coming to an end at one point and it’s going to happen that people will need to find another favorite show to watch.

It’s amazing how people will lock onto one show and not the next, even when the shows are similar. Dexter was an oddity to some when the show first came out, while others didn’t think twice and started watching without another thought. That’s about what it takes sometimes to really get into a show, just sit there and watch until you can’t watch any longer, or until you find a reason to stay seated and just keep watching. Dexter has been one of those shows that people tend to talk about and reference in ways that some understand and some don’t. In fact, it’s been referenced in movies a few times throughout the years, making it clear that it’s been one of the few that has really caught the attention of quite a few people that found it impressive. The fact that it’s entering a final season is still hitting some people pretty hard since the expectations laid on this season will be enormous, perhaps so much that one can’t help but think that they’ll be a little too much for one show to meet.

Some might doubt such a thing since Dexter has been their go-to show when they need something to watch, or they might think that Dexter is the best show ever made. But the kind of expectations that have been put on the show since it was announced that another season would be made to give fans a proper goodbye. Hopefully the show can make something truly wonderful and disturbing happen without another ending the likes of which prompted this season. That feels like it might be a slap in the face to the fans if it did happen, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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