Deadpool Monopoly Should be Interesting to Say the Least

Deadpool Monopoly Should be Interesting to Say the Least

Deadpool Monopoly Should be Interesting to Say the Least

Deadpool Monopoly should be interesting, but seems like a very conservative way to say things. I’m almost getting the feeling that Monopoly is starting to run out of ideas if this is what they’re resorting to, but all in all it could be a laugh riot at the very least. The main idea of the game is to buy up as many mercenaries, which are almost all different versions of Deadpool, and as many sweet rides, such as a chimichanga truck, to earn the maximum amount of money. Plus, you can set up headquarters and D-mansions to charge rent and start bilking the other players just like you would in real Monopoly.

You’re allowed to buy, sell, and swap mercenaries as you go along and there are even Low Blow and Cheap Shot spaces that allow you to steal your opponents’ stuff. Then of course there’s the Dumb Luck and Contract cards that can give you the best or the worst of the game. You can even use a unicorn, taco, thumbs up, or Deadpool token to move yourself along the board. If you’re a Deadpool enthusiast and a Monopoly player then you might want to head on over to Amazon and buy up this board while it’s still available. It’s only $20 at this point but if enough people want to buy it the game could shoot up in price.

You know a comic character has hit their stride when their mug starts showing up on everything from board games to socks, to underwear, to movie sequels, etc. Deadpool’s been around for a lot longer than his movie counterpart but he’s also been a lot different throughout his evolution. In the beginning, from what I remember first seeing him, he was a constant annoyance to Cable, Domino, and X-Force on a constant basis. And yet after a while it seemed like he and Cable kind of got along at times while at other times they were trying to kill each other. That would make for a difficult friendship to be honest since you would never know just when to defend yourself and when to kick back and relax.

One thing about Deadpool however is that the guy never came off as all that crazy when he first came on the scene. Now however he’s about as loose as a missing screw and predictable as a sand flea. Sometimes he’s just as annoying too. But despite all that he’s still someone a lot of people wouldn’t want to mess with in the comics or in the movies. Despite the fact that he really has no other superpowers other than his accelerated healing, it’s true he doesn’t, he’s still absolutely deadly since he’s a trained fighter and is a master with every weapon he uses.

That he’s become a board game isn’t really that surprising since the character is popular enough that he’s become just about everything else under the sun. I mean really, when was the last time you saw a character in the Marvel Universe get plastered all over the media as much as he’s been. Wolverine, I knew you’d say that, but after him. Anyone?

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