5 Outrageous Home Security Systems in Movies: From Home Alone to Panic Room

5 Outrageous Home Security Systems in Movies: From Home Alone to Panic Room

Defending Your Home: Hollywood Style

The desire to protect one’s home is a universal instinct. The extent to which people go to defend their homes varies, from spreading toys on the floor to trip up burglars, to installing high-tech panic rooms. In movies, home defense systems can range from the hilarious to the downright absurd. Let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous home security systems in films, and ponder why they’d ever be necessary.

5. Home Alone: A Child’s Play

In the classic holiday film, Home Alone, two burglars are outwitted by a young boy armed with nothing more than toys and a penchant for mischief. It’s only towards the end of the movie that the burglars begin to anticipate Kevin’s traps. While the slapstick comedy works perfectly for a family film, in a more serious drama, the burglars would have likely given up on the house after a few broken bones and bruised egos.

4. The Incredibles: Omnidroid to the Rescue

What better way to protect your home than with an omnidroid that can think for itself and withstand attacks from even the most powerful superheroes? The Incredibles’ Omnidroid is shown to be nearly indestructible, making it the perfect home security system for any evil genius or supervillain.

3. The Italian Job: Guard Towers and Pretentiousness

A home with a guard tower is a luxury only the super-rich can afford. However, having a guard tower also implies that you’re not actually defending your home, but rather paying someone else to do it. And if you’re an employer who treats your employees poorly, why would they bother to protect your home beyond the paycheck?

2. Bad Boys II: Armed Soldiers and Thugs

In Bad Boys II, Tapia’s home is guarded by armed soldiers and a crew of thugs wielding automatic weapons. However, this formidable defense is no match for a small group of highly skilled soldiers and two determined detectives, who plow through Tapia’s defenses as if they were amateurs.

1. Panic Room: Safety or Death Trap?


The concept of a panic room is understandable: a secure space to hide in case of a home invasion. But wouldn’t a shotgun or a handgun be a more effective defense? And what if the burglars decide to burn the house down around you? Unless the panic room has an independent power source and air filtration system, it could become a death trap.

In the past, home security often meant having a revolver or a rifle close at hand. While these outrageous home security systems in movies may be entertaining, they also serve as a reminder that sometimes, simpler is better.

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