Deadpool 3 Looks Like It’s a Go

It’s actually a hope that Disney is sweating over what to do with Deadpool since the merc with a mouth is heading into his 3rd movie now and it’s fair to say that if he goes PG-13 a lot of fans aren’t going to be too happy since listening to the red-suited antihero go on and on with each tirade has been a lot of fun and it would be something that fans would miss in a big way. It does sound as though the idea has been given the green light thankfully but it’s still uncertain as to whether the Deadpool movie will be made a part of the MCU since unfortunately the MCU has been made family-friendly over the last several phases and trying to get Disney to step up their game isn’t likely to happen since that’s like asking them to actively anger the parents that are forking over the wads of cash for MCU merchandise that’s geared for kids and isn’t offensive in any way. Deadpool is all kinds of offensive no matter how the character is drawn up since he swears enough to make a sailor blush, he snorts copious amounts of cocaine and he promotes certain behaviors that, well, might make Tony Stark look like a boy scout.

With all that in mind though this is why he doesn’t need to change since people like him the way he is. Of course, people liked a lot of things in the Marvel universe the way they were and it didn’t stop the Disney-fication from happening. One has to wonder if the Punisher is going to come into the scene eventually using rubber bullets and smoke bombs instead of live ammo and grenades. It has to be possible for Disney to operate behind the scenes on these projects since otherwise, they’ll be stripping away a lot of what Deadpool is all about since he’s never been the PC type when it comes to heroism and people love that since it’s a nice release from the heroes that do play the part of the bleeding heart and won’t go fully ape on the bad guys. Deadpool is the type of antihero people like since he does act like the average individual when he’s not slicing people apart or unloading massive amounts of lead into them. There are likely a few people that might say that if all people are worried about is the swearing and the blood then they’re not really fans of the character. Those folks might be missing the point since that IS a big part of Deadpool’s character and it has been ever since he was introduced in the comics. He’s never really been the upright and noble character that a lot of the heroes have and he makes no bones about it. When Ghost Rider performed his penance stare on the guy he actually shook it off since he’d already been there, done that, seen it, and wasn’t impressed. That would actually be a good idea for a movie eventually.

But the main thing about Deadpool is that he’s not the kind of character that needs to be dimmed down and given a makeover in a Disneyfied way since it would go a long way towards killing off the character that’s already been established. It’s not easy to predict what Disney is going to do since they’re not known for being particularly careful with characters that come from other franchises and it’s been seen more than once that the characters we get and still pay money for aren’t exactly the same that we were expecting. We’ve already seen what happened to Luke Skywalker, and the Marvel characters that have been introduced, and it’s fair to say that the MCU moving forward isn’t going to be that different since Disney wants to keep their family-friendly side and keep making bank off of it. You can’t blame them for that, but since the Fox merger it’s been on a lot of peoples’ minds as to what they might do with other properties that aren’t known for being family-friendly since adapting them to Disney’s vision is something that’s already making a lot of fans groan since there’s not much of a chance of doing this in a manner that’s going to please everyone. But alienating the fanbase that made Deadpool so popular isn’t going to be a good idea since trying to improve on something that people already like is difficult enough, but trying to make it work for everyone in a way that’s going to tick off the majority already sounds like a horrible idea.

The third Deadpool movie is a go, but how it’s going to come together is going to be interesting since it’s going to take a while, and a lot of people are probably already crossing their fingers that it won’t change that much, if at all.

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