Why We’ll Be Watching “Stowaway” on Netflix

It’s very likely that there will be people that will wonder how a mission that was meticulously planned for could go awry thanks to an unplanned stowaway that was likely left in place after trying to fix something before a launch, only to have an accident and be knocked unconscious. More than that though is the idea of what a launch would do to a body that’s not strapped down and not secured in a manner that would help to avoid any further injury. But there’s no doubt that Michael Adams, played by Shamier Anderson, would be entirely disoriented upon finding out that he’d been launched into space along with the rest of the three-person crew that is currently on a mission to Mars. The ultimate downside however is that as meticulous as the planning is for even a short jump into space, it doesn’t feel as though a faulty life support system would be the only problem that would need to be faced, since a years-long mission would require a great deal of planning for three people, and one more would no doubt through a serious wrench into the whole thing. But yes, the life support issue would be a big problem since unless there was some way to convert carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen, the crew wouldn’t survive the trip. If nothing else would scare the living hell out of the four individuals, the idea of one of them having to sacrifice themselves would likely drive the point home that the situation had become hopeless the moment the unfortunate stowaway was found.

Obviously not every movie dealing with space has to include monstrous aliens that are bent on destruction. Being among the stars is inhospitable enough since there’s no way to survive in open space and a trip to Mars isn’t like a trip around the block since it takes time and resources to make it work. Despite all the futuristic movies and different science fiction devices that have been created for their entertainment value, traveling to Mars isn’t as easy as skipping through a portal or other device just yet, which means it’s a huge risk and a very big undertaking. But the fact is that humanity wants to know what is out there, and in this manner, it eventually becomes necessary to push forward until imagination becomes reality through practical applications. Mars has been an obsession for so many years when it comes to imagination and wondering what’s really there that humans have gone to great lengths to do anything and everything possible to find ways to get there in one form or another, and have done so with a good deal of success. But the idea of sending people there to really discover what the planet is like is something that has eluded humanity as of yet, but the imaginative stories that keep coming out with Mars as the destination have definitely continued to improve over the years.

Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, and Daniel Dae Kim round out the main cast in this movie as they each play their own part on the crew as they come to the realization that one of them will have to be sacrificed or all of them will end up perishing before the trip to Mars is completed. One thing that’s pretty similar between all of the movies that continue to fixate on Mars as the destination is that there’s some disaster that occurs either during the trip or while on the planet, which is all well and good since it creates the main point of the movie, but it does beg the question of how many things can possibly go wrong. It’s a question that has an obvious answer no doubt since a lot of things can go wrong during a space mission given that human error is an unfortunate side effect of being human. No matter how careful a person is, or how expert they might be when putting a plan together, there’s obviously something that can go wrong since between the materials used and the human presence that has to present in many aspects, something can always go wrong, and it can be made much, much worse in a short span of time since when one is stuck up in the big empty there’s not a lot to be done other than to hope and pray that the training each crew member has received will be enough to fix whatever problem has developed.

The movie already looks like it’s going to be something that many people will have something to say about, be it positive, inquisitive, or critical. The moral implications of what will happen, no matter who it happens to, will be what a lot of people will be paying attention to without any doubt, but it should make for a pretty dramatic movie.

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