Editing Makes Harry Potter Look Like a Teen Comedy

Editing Makes Harry Potter Look Like a Teen Comedy

It’s funny how a little bit of editing can make Harry Potter seem more like teen comedy than a thrilling fantasy story about the boy that survived. For those that have read the books and watched the movies there’s plenty of teenage angst and comedy to go around but really when you look at it this franchise is a stunning blend of drama, thrills, comedy, fantasy, and some action all rolled into one. There are a lot of things that were left out from the book and some that were never there in the first place but for the most part Harry Potter became famous because the story appealed to a wide number of people that happened to love the idea and climbed on the bandwagon without a second thought.

Having read the books I can attest that it isn’t a teenage comedy since the characters didn’t start out that way, but once they did reach their adolescent years things got a lot more uncertain. It’s not everyone in the world that finds out that their destiny was written when they were still a baby. Harry was marked from the moment his parents died, his course was set before he’d spoken his first word. That would certainly take a toll on anyone growing up, and would likely make a person react in a variety of different ways. From year to year Harry was a little different in his attitude and mannerisms, and by the time the final films rolled around he was dead set on doing what he thought was right, but he still hadn’t gained the experience he needed in life to do everything he was aiming for.

In the clip though it’s made to look as though they’re doing nothing but playing Quidditch, dealing with teenage problems, and attending school while leading what seem to be interesting lives. Ah if high school was just that simple and that much fun on a daily basis. If school was anything like it was at Hogwarts though I do believe that a lot of people would be happy to just survive the first year. Graduating wouldn’t just deserve a party, it would deserve a paid therapy bill for the rest of one’s natural life. Think about the things they go through and what age they still are when they’re doing it. In the first movie Harry, Hermione, and Ron were still kids when they were nearly killed by a three-headed dog, a plant called Devil’s Snare, and then almost pulverized in a game of Wizard’s Chess. And the challenges just got worse from there.

Recall the spiders that Aragog set on Ron and Harry, and the Basilisk that Harry had to take care of all on his lonesome. Then there was the time they had to deal with Professor Lupin when he turned into a werewolf, and the dementors, and the crooked officials, and so much more that it’s hard to think of them all in one sentence. I think at that point most people would be happy to leave school in one piece.

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