Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene?

The Super Mario Bros Movie has hit the cinemas and fans of the epic video game are having a swell time with the nostalgia from the ’80s and ’90s. In the first animated movie version of the video game, Mario (Chris Pratt) embarks on a journey to rescue his brother – Luigi (Charlie Day), and save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction by Bowser’s (Jack Black) army with the help of Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy). The movie ends with the Brooklyn plumbers (Mario and Luigi) succeeding in their quest to stop the villainous Bowser from destroying the world but the movie doesn’t end without a bonus content.

True fans wouldn’t want to miss a thing, especially when there is a post-credits scene to watch out for. For The Super Mario Bros Movie, there is more than one post-credits scene and they reveal a lot about what’s to come. The future of the Super Mario franchise may lie in these post-credits scenes.

Yes – The Super Mario Bros Movie Has 2 Post-Credits Scenes

Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Not one but two post-credits scenes are included in The Super Mario Bros Movie, one in the middle of the credits and another one at the end. The first post-credits scene appears after the main cast and creatives while the second one comes after the full credits have been shown. The bonus content is easy to miss by anyone with the exception of fans of Marvel movies who know better than to leave immediately after a high-budget movie like this one ends.

The Super Mario Bros Movie mid-credits scene is a hilarious one that shows Bowser as he sings about his undying love for Princess Peach while throwing insults at Mario and Luigi. Ordinarily, it seems he is having the time of his life somewhere serene and beautiful but when the camera zooms out, reality comes to play. Apparently, Bowser is still shrunken as a result of the blue mushroom Peach fed him and he is being held in a bird cage with two toads guarding him in the castle.

Loyal fans who sit to watch the credits roll to the end will be rewarded with a second more serious scene. The second post-credits scene introduces Yoshi, the dinosaur. The scene starts with the camera moving through pipes underneath Brooklyn before it zooms in on a white egg with green spots sitting on a pile of rubble. The egg cracks before the scene fades out but the familiar Yoshi soundbite couldn’t be missed. This teases the return of Luigi and Mario’s sidekick who debuted in the franchise in 1990’s Super Mario World.

Do The Mario Movie’s Post-Credits Scenes Mean There’s A Sequel?

Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene?

So with the critical reception and box office success, will The Super Mario Bros Movie have a sequel? Certainly, but nothing has been confirmed yet. There are enough teasers in the post-credits scenes hinting at the franchise’s future. From Easter eggs to other Nintendo cues, both Super Mario Movie‘s post-credits scenes suggest there will be a sequel or more. This is despite the fact that creators have been mum regarding whether fans of the mustachioed plumber should expect a franchise from the hit animated version.Super Mario World

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