10 John Williams Scores To Send You Off into the Weekend

10 John Williams Scores To Send You Off into the Weekend

When it comes to musical composers that do scores for movies you don’t get higher on the list than John Williams. The only other guy out there with a pedigree that even compares to Williams would be Hans Zimmer. Essentially it’s these two guys and pretty much everyone else. Don’t get me wrong. There are tons of legendary composers out there but the sheer depth and volume of work that Williams and Zimmer have done is second to none. My personal favorite is Thomas Newman and I have an affinity for guys like James Horner, Aaron Copeland, Randy Newman, Bill Conti, Jerry Goldsmith and plenty of others.

But let’s get back to John Williams.  Williams is a musical genius, there’s no way you can argue that and he’s been attached to some of the most memorable movie themes of all-time.  If you’re getting ready for this weekend then take a walk down memory lane with these 10 John Williams scores.  You’ll be raring to go after you listen to these.


Top ten list via Joblo

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