Deadpool 2’s Next Marketing Ploy is Coloring Book Pages

Deadpool 2’s Next Marketing Ploy is Coloring Book Pages

Deadpool was an instant success as soon we found out that Ryan Reynolds was reprising his role from his appearance in the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine flop. We had high hopes for Deadpool then, and when the film was released, we were all relieved to finally see a superhero film that actually had some guts. The action was great; the storyline was good; the comedy was even greater. Deadpool was entertaining to say the least, and we only expect more of the same–if not better–out of the second installment of the Deadpool franchise.

Reynolds will be reprising his role for the second Deadpool movie. In the sequel, Deadpool is setting out to form X-Force, a mutant team similar to the X-Men. These mutants will be banding together to protect another young mutant from Cable, a time traveling cybernetic soldier–Deadpool’s opposite and main enemy in the film. Cable is portrayed by Josh Brolin, one of the many other reasons to see this film. Brolin signed a four film deal to play Cable, so we can expect a lot out of this character. So it isn’t like Deadpool really needs a lot of work to market this film, but they haven’t held back anything at all.

Since the announcement of the Deadpool sequel, the team has been nonstop with the marketing campaigns. The campaigns haven’t been short on hilarity and gimmicks to say the least. The first trailer released for the sequel started off as a tribute to beloved art icon and TV painter Bob Ross. The next marketing push came around Thanksgiving. It was a poster featuring all the main role players for the film. Then for Easter we got a little Easter Egg Hunt poster made especially for fans to find eggs amidst the chaos at the Xavier Institute.

The marketing team is not stopping there. It might be one of their last marketing campaigns before the movie comes out, and it’s definitely a good one. To keep up with the antics, the beloved belligerent superhero is offering downloadable coloring pages for anyone that wants them. You can go to (Deadpool it yourself) to download as many of the pages you wish and color them to your heart’s content. As part of the marketing strategy, or maybe just because the team feels like it, you can submit your colored pages to the website or mail in your submissions via post. You’ll have to address your submissions to “Deadpool,” naturally, and you can probably expect that something will be done with all the submissions before the movie is released.

The movie is set to be released on May 2 nationwide. Whatever antics the marketing team or Deadpool himself still have up their sleeves will probably be just as hilarious and ridiculous as the ones before it. Either way, we’re all ready for the sequel and any other films that might come after it. If the sequel is anything like the first Deadpool movie or if it’s as entertaining as any of the marketing campaigns so far, we know our satisfaction is already guaranteed–Deadpool style of course.

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