Madame Web Movie Is Going To Happen With Morbius Writers

Madame Web

If you’re not a comics fan then it’s fair to say that you might not know who Madame Web even is, but she’s been a part of the Marvel universe since 1980 and thus has been around long enough to be considered a veteran of the goings on within the multiverse. Her power set involves telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition coupled with a very high intellect, but in terms of any physical attributes she’s a very old woman that can’t do much since she needs a specialized device to move and even breathe. As Ryan Scott of MovieWeb has stated her character will be coming to the big screen thanks to Sony, who has a host of individuals that have a great deal to do with Spider-Man’s story. This kind of proves that Sony has the tools to work with when it comes to building a universe around Spider-Man, but they have yet to prove that they can keep it moving along in a consistent and successful manner. Venom and Into the Spider-Verse were of course movies that people tended to care for even if the critics blasted them, but the track record for Sony and how it’s treated the wallcrawler throughout the years are still enough proof that Sony has a ways to go when it comes to proving that they know how to handle this overall story.

The same writers that are working on the Morbius: The Living Vampire, that’s been covered by Ian Sandwell of Digital Spy, are also going to handle Madame Web’s story as well, though at this point it’s kind of hard to see just what kind of angle they’re going to use since honestly she’s a very intelligent character, but apart from this she can’t do much. She’s the type of character that other might go to when they need to know something about a situation or problem that they need to solve. She won’t be going out and participating in the action unless the writers want to explore an origin story or go nuts and try to defy the laws of physics and reality once again as has been known to happen. If they’re going to stay true to the character this won’t happen since Madame Web has certainly been more interesting in her elderly state, though it’s easy to think that those in charge might want to liven her character up just a bit. You can’t exactly state that a person with a disability is not able to participate in a grand story, as Professor Xavier of the X-Men could prove, but in terms of the Spider-Man movies and all those that coincide, the action is usually quite furious and constant since that’s the nature of the character’s arc. As it’s been mentioned by at least a few people by now Madame Web is more akin to the Oracle in the Matrix, a non-combatant that people go to when they need to know something. In a big way though she’s kind of a hard character to get behind since the Marvel universe possesses a lot of characters that have the same powers that she does, either as innate abilities or due to magical qualities.

In a way she almost feels like a fringe character but a lot of people might argue against that idea since she’s being developed currently for the big screen. Ben Arnold of Yahoo! might not see her as an unimportant character and it’s likely that others might agree with him. If she gets her own movie it might pay to add in a lot of explanation as to who she is, what she’s there for, and why she’s important. In other words it seems like it might be important to make this an origin movie so that people aren’t too confused about her role. At this point it’s still in development and there isn’t much to say about the upcoming movie, nor even when it might be seen, but at this moment it does feel as though Sony might be trying to stretch just a little bit in a lot of different directions as it did with the Amazing Spider-Man. While the Lizard, Green Goblin, Rhino, and Electro are are all classic villains, the way they were handled throughout those movies was kind of…meh. The same can be said for the Maguire phase as well since the only villain that really seemed as though he had the right amount of development was the Sandman, who was tougher than a lot of them since he gave Maguire’s character a lot more problems. If Sony could find a way to bring Sandman back that might make for an interesting character arc since the villain has been the hero at times and has gone back and forth. But there are a lot of villains that Spider-Man can go up against, and it sounds as though others such as Kraven the Hunter and a few others are starting to be developed. At this time it would seem that Sony is trying to show that they’re just fine without the MCU, but until they can replicate what they did with Venom and Into the Spider-Verse, a lot of fans might be crossing their fingers.

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