Days of Our Lives: Will Will Be Alright?

Days of Our Lives: Will Will Be Alright?

Days of Our Lives fans know that Will’s life is in danger, and there is very little he can do about that at this point. He’s a man who can’t just focus on the things that he has to say because of this, and he has to do what he has to do. He wanted to help Paul, and he wanted to prove that he is into him and that he will do anything for him, and now Paul’s dad has him and he’s holding him hostage. It’s an ugly situation, and we can’t do much about it but sit back and wonder when things will finally turn around for all these people.

It’s something we can’t really control at this point, but we do think that Will is going to be just fine. We have no idea what John is doing or why he’s doing it — but we know that he can’t possibly be a bad guy who will kill Steve and kill Will at the same time. He just can’t. And we know that Paul nor Marlena will allow this.

They are too important to him to do anything like that — and we have a feeling he will always put them first. But what do we know? There is not a lot we can do about any of this other than focus on the fact that everything seems to point to the fact that both Steve and Will will be just fine and nothing will happen to them.

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