Days of Our Lives Spoilers:


It’s the reunion we’ve all been waiting for on a brand-new Days of Our Lives. It seems this week will bring us the moment in which Abigail and Chad will finally reunite after so many months apart. He thought she was dead, he had no idea she’s been home, and now things are changing for both of them. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it’s going to be Gabi who finds out that Abigail is still alive. She’s been inching her way toward a romantic relationship with Chad following the death of his wife for the past few weeks, and now she’s going to see her entire life go up in smoke as she realizes the man she’s falling for isn’t a widow after all.

It turns out Gabi isn’t being a very nice person. She’s overheard a conversation between her cheating ex, JJ, and his mother, Jennifer. They’re discussing the fact that Abigail is still alive and hiding out. And she’s going to do what she can to make JJ tell her the truth. She’s going to push to find out if it’s actually true, and he’s going to break down and tell her. Unfortunately, Gabi now has an even bigger issue to deal with. She knows the man she’s developed feelings for is still married, and he doesn’t know. She likes him, and she feels she has to be honest with him. We just don’t know if she will tell him now or if Abby will find a way to show herself to her husband before anyone else can spill the beans.

Will he be happy to see her? We suspect he will be in shock, and that he will be thrilled to see his wife alive and well, but we think that will all change when he realizes she’s been back for a while now and hasn’t said anything to him. Additionally, it all depends on what she tells him about where she was and what she was doing when she was gone. He might not be so quick to forgive her for all of that when he finds out the truth.

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