Days of Our Lives: Preempted Through Winter Olympics

Days of Our Lives fans are a bit upset right now as the Winter Olympics are interrupting play time and air time during this season. It will be a few more weeks before the entire nation can see this show live again, but that doesn’t mean it’s not airing. Those on the east coast who live with eastern standard time will see the show air live, but everyone else will see preempted episodes of the show in the other time zones.

And that’s a problem for so many people. However, the shows will turn on and air on the ABC website when they are over each day so fans can watch online if they can’t see at home. This week is going to be a good one, too, now that Billie is home and everyone is wondering what she is up to. Kate is the first one to find her, but we have a good reason to believe that a lot of people are going to see her in a different light in the meantime.

She is going to be the answer and the connection to what is going on between John and Steve. We are well aware that Steve is in the middle of being a victim of John, and this is not good news. What we don’t know is why this is happening. We don’t know why or how or what for. And we don’t know how she fits in to this, only that she does fit into this.

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