Days of Our Lives: Nicole Has Choices to Make

Days of Our Lives fans know that nothing can ever go right for people. Chloe decided she wanted to do the right thing in giving baby Holly back to Nicole so she and Brady can be a family, but that meant she gave up her legal rights. Because Nicole was deemed an unfit mother initially, this caused a lot of issues between the custody agreement and the new path that she’s on. Basically, the baby is now in foster care without her surrogate mother or her real mother.

The only thing Nicole can do right now is stay in the good light of the court and hope they change their mind about her. If they do, there is a chance she can get her daughter back in a few months. Maggie can see her, and that’s good news. But Nicole can’t even see the baby until she’s able to get her life back in order.

What was supposed to be good news has become the kind of news no one can bear to deal with at the moment. She’s miserable, and she’s only hoping her life will continue to go well. She can’t get through to the court without making a better impression on them, but she’s in a place right now where it’s just not good. Can she change their minds? We don’t know, but we know working with Eric has distracted her and made it difficult for her to work through her emotions as they stand.

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