Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Halloween Brings Some Shockers to Salem

Days of Our Lives fans know nothing is ever what it seems, and with Halloween coming up next week it’s just a big bunch of chaos for everyone. With everyone focused on making sure Will is really dead or finding him if he is not, there is not much people are thinking about other than how they can focus on that. But there are certainly going to be some ups and downs in terms of what’s going on in Salem this time of year. The upcoming week is going to be filled with some crazy stuff.

The holiday itself is a busy one with a lot of stuff going on. We hear there will be some discoveries that make people wonder what is going on and how they can change things, and there will be some big decisions that need making. Someone will be alive or dead, someone will find out news that will upset them forever, and someone else is going to realize their life is changing faster than they can realize it.

In fact, they’re all realizing life is changing faster than they can handle with the reintroduction of Sami, the wedding drama, and the lack of a dead body that belongs to Will. It’s not easy for them to go through this stuff all this week, but it’s happening and we can expect to see some scary stuff as the scary holiday occurs. Will you be able to handle what is going to happen soon?

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