Days of Our Lives Characters We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With

Days of Our Lives Characters We Have a Love/Hate Relationship With

Days of Our Lives have a complicated relationship with some of the major characters on the show. It’s hard to feel good about them all the time, but it is also hard to hate them all the time. We have what we might call a love/hate relationship with some of the characters. As in, we love to hate them, and we hate to love them, but we do both — and we do it well. What this means is that the characters are genius. They are well-written, and the people who play the characters are pure magic. They can bring this person to life in a way that makes them so detestable, but you still cannot help but to adore them at the same time. When you can be this awful and still be so beloved, it’s a sign you are doing the best possible job. So, who is it that we feel we have the biggest love/hate relationships with? Here you go.


She’s a hot mess. We know that deep down on the inside, she is a nice girl who makes poor decisions. We know that she’s always felt abandoned and that she has always felt that her life is not what it was meant to be, and she’s gone a little bit off the deep end where her love for Chad and her hatred for Abigail come in. She can be one of the most amazing characters, but she can also be one of the meanest and the worst at the same time. She’s got issues, but we love her.


He spent most of his time in Salem as one of the most hated men around. We didn’t like him. At all. He had not one redeeming quality in any capacity, and we did not like him. We didn’t find him at all okay. But, he’s changed. He’s come back in the span of the last year or so since he feel so hard for Sarah. She’s someone who is good and kind and lovely, and he loves her so much. This has changed him into someone we kind of like. Let’s be quite clear, though. He’s a bad guy who has done some horrible things that we will never forget, but we find ourselves enamored with his softer side, to be quite honest.


She’s a mess, but she’s always been a mess. She’s come and gone over the years, and she’s constantly done so in a way that allows her to make a mess of everyone’s lives at almost the same time. She’s tried to kill some of our favorite characters. She’s done some of the worst things imaginable, and she’s made some of the worst decisions of all, and we have always detested her. Yet, she’s found herself in the past year when she was pregnant with Brady’s child, and she’s softened. We almost like her right now, and who actually saw that coming?


We have to admit that we actually really love Kate more than we hate her. She’s strong, and she’s done what she had to do get where she wanted to be. She’s not afraid of anything or anyone, and she’s always going to be a woman who does what’s needed. Sometimes, though, she makes some choices that make us question our love for her — and we actually kind of hate her for them. But, honestly, we just love her more because she’s always so unapologetic about all things, and she’s not backing down in any situation. That’s something that reeks of pure magic, and we adore her for it (when we don’t hate her for it).


He always makes the wrong choices when it comes to his family and the people he loves the most. He will always hurt Eric when he has to chance to be with Nicole, even though he is well aware of the fact that Nicole is the love of Eric’s life and just a love of Brady’s. But, we cannot help but to love Brady and the way that he loves his family so much while simultaneously also hurting them more than anyone else in the world. This is a real situation, and we don’t know how to change things.

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