Days of Our Lives’ Biggest Betrayals

Days of Our Lives’ Biggest Betrayals

Days of Our Lives fans see betrayal in Salem every single day. We see people hurt people. We see people make choices that are for them and not for anyone else. We see them do what they feel that they can make happen for themselves and for their best interest while they also find that some things are not going to work out for others. They lie, they hurt, they steal, and they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior as long as they can justify it in their own minds with even an ounce of something that feels right. There have been some big betrayals around the town in the last few decades, but there are some we think are worse than others. Do you agree?

Theresa and Nicole’s Baby

When Nicole’s fiancé was killed in a car crash and Theresa decided to impregnate herself with their sperm and egg, she got pregnant and had a baby. She lied for a long time, too. She told her friend she slept with someone and regretted it. We all thought about who it might be. Her friend was hurt that she would not tell her who got her pregnant, and the baby was born. Nicole fell instantly in love with the baby, and she bonded with her so much. That’s when she found out that the baby was her own baby. Her friend lied to her, got pregnant, and tried to keep the baby to herself because she did not like the man her friend was seeing. She fought for custody, she tried to take the baby, and she eventually forced her friend to kidnap her own daughter and run away with the help of Brady. It did not go well, things did take a turn for the worse, and we were horrified.

The Baby Swap

We know this is still ongoing, but we don’t have all the answers, either. However, we know that Sarah and Eric’s baby was not alive when she was born. She died. She was hurt in the accident that she was in, and things did not go well. However, Kristin gave birth to a healthy little girl, and Xander and Victor decided to do what they had to do. They lied. They took the baby that Kristin and Brady had — because Victor cannot have his grandson with a horrible person like Kristin — and they gave that baby to Sarah since she was falling for Xander and he didn’t want to lose her if they could not raise this baby together. It’s been a very long lie, and there is a chance this baby will not make it, either. She needs bone marrow, and things are falling apart. There’s a lot we don’t know yet, but we hate a baby switch. It’s horrible, it hurts, and it never makes anyone feel good.

Gabi’s Betrayal of Chad and Abigail

She lost her mind of ra moment, and she didn’t even try to hide it. She, instead, found the paternity test that told Chad and Abigail that her baby was also Chad’s baby. She didn’t cheat on him, but her other personality was a big fan of his half-brother, Stefan. Gabi let them all believe that Stefan was the father so that Chad would be too horrified to be with his wife and the daily reminder that she has a dissociative multiple personality disorder. Their marriage fell apart, which means their young son lost his happy family. He was being raised by his mother and father separately, he was not happy, they were not happy, and everyone was a mess. Gabi knew the truth, and she refused to let it go. She wanted to see them hurt because she loved Chad a long time. Since they were young. She tried to be with him when his wife was allegedly dead in a plane crash, but she ultimately came back to life and he chose her. This was her chance, and she had to do what she could to make this work, and it didn’t even matter to her that his heart was crushed and that a baby he created would never knew that Chad was its father.

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