Days of Our Lives: Hope and Rafe Spend Time Together

Days of Our Lives fans have a little bit of hope right now (see what we did there?) that Hope and Rafe might be on the mend. She’s helping him get his sister freed from jail for a crime she most certainly did not commit, and they are working very closely together to make it happen. Hope took off after she found out her husband had an afternoon in bed with Sami following the moment she returned his engagement ring and told him that she was no longer interested in being his wife.

He lied to her about it only by not telling her that he did that, though they were not together when it happened. They were not able to make amends, but they’d already gotten married. Now she’s upset, they are on the rocks, and she’s got her daughter-in-law looking for different ways to get this marriage over with.

Perhaps working so closely together to get Gabi free and clear will help them remember that they want to be together. This is certainly not a reminder that Rafe needs because he has never questioned his feelings for her. But we know that Hope needs the reminder. She’s been making poor choices, and it’s been making her miserable.  Perhaps this will help her find the right things to do and the right choices to make. She needs her happiness, but she won’t find it if she’s not open to it. She needs this time, and we think it might work.

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