Days of Our Lives: Ben Returns to Haunt Abigail

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t going to find that things are never going to turn out well for Abby. She’s got a lot of problems to face in her life, and she’s just not able to do that without much help from people she loves. Her life is not going to go the way she wants it to go, and we hear that things are about to become even more complicated for all of them. We hear there is a good chance that things will not turn out well for anyone when they have a chance to make things right, and we hear that Ben is coming back to town.

He’s not done with his stint just yet, and we know he will show back up to make Abigail’s life even more miserable. He cannot seem to leave her alone, and we are never sure how this man who is committed to a mental hospital is able to freely walk in and out as often as he does without any repercussions. He might be able to do it once before someone thinks to add additional security to this situation, but more than once is not an option.

How many times can one dangerous murderous patient walk out of a facility like this to torture people without anyone thinking twice about perhaps sending him elsewhere? He’s clearly got some issues that need to be resolved, but it doesn’t appear that anyone is willing to work through them with him at all.

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