Days Of Our Lives Couples We Think Might Make it Outside of Salem

Days Of Our Lives Couples We Think Might Make it Outside of Salem

Days Of Our Lives Couples We Think Might Make it Outside of Salem

Days of Our Lives fans love certain couples so much more than they love others, and that is evident by how much chemistry that they have together. They are so good that they make us want to see them all the time, and nothing is worse than drama between them. While we all watch the show for a daily dose of drama — because we all know that we don’t want that in our real lives — there are some couples we think could actually benefit from moving away from Salem and their friends and families and working on things on their own. If they didn’t have all the drama in their lives, we think that these specific couples would be able to stand the test of time in the real world. Ever wonder which of your couples have what it takes to make it in a world outside of Salem? Well, we think we know. Tell us if you agree.

Bill and Susan

This one was an easy cheat. Of course they are going to make it work for themselves because they actually can make it work for themselves. They have to; because they do actually have what it takes. They are married in their own real lives, so it makes sense that their marriage would work in the real world. It has. For many, many decades. That makes us feel good about their ability to keep the drama out of their lives and only at work when it’s in the script.

John and Marlena

If they didn’t have everything that happened between them going on, this would be amazing. They just happen to both have some other people who want to be with them almost as much as they want to be with one another, and that makes things a bit tough. When you have a woman who looks just like you wanting to be with your husband as well as a dead man walking who wants to be with your wife, it makes things so tough. This is why they have so many problems. But, we think without those others, they could make it work in the real world. They might have a little house on the beach where they walk their dogs and they make dinner together and eat on their deck overlooking the ocean. We can see that for them.

Hope and Bo

They have such a lovely relationship in most aspects, and they could have really made that work. Their love for one another would be so good. We could see them, if he were alive, living in a city where she has crime to fight, but they can also raise their family in the suburbs. They’d make excellent grandparents without all that’s going on in their lives, and they’d host large holiday dinners in their big kitchen. They’d still dance together when a favorite song came on. We can see that for them outside of Salem.

Jennifer and Jack

Jennifer and Jack. If ever there were a simpler couple who could make things work if they simply got rid of all the outside influences, this is the couple. We can see them now in a quiet house on a quiet street, always having their grandkids over for pool days and long walks. We can see them in the kitchen making Thanksgiving dinner for their family, a family football game going on in the yard. They are ultimately so simple with one another, and we think that they desire something more than all the drama they have living in Salem and living up to their last names and the family history they have here. They could make it work.

Justin and Adrienne

We think, and this is just us, if they did not have the drama that comes from their families and the stuff that they get themselves into, this would be a calm and really chill relationship. Of course, she’s going to need to come back from the dead first, but we think she will. We’ve already heard rumors that this is happening in a few weeks or so, and we think that it might just work out for them in the long run. What do you think?

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