Days of Our Lives: Nicole’s Best Relationships

Days of Our Lives: Nicole’s Best Relationships

Days of Our Lives fans are excited that Nicole is back in town after being thought dead after a horrible fire a while back, but we aren’t exactly happy about the situation she is in. For one, we are all sad that she lost her baby. Then we are all sad that she blamed it entirely on her boyfriend, Eric, who was so happy to have her back and alive and well. And then we were beyond excited to see that it might not really be her own fault she’s acting like this since she’s being held captive and Kristin has taken over her life with a very creepy, very lifelike mask of Nicole’s face. Regardless of all this, however, we are looking back at all the relationships that Nicole has had over the years — and there are just a few — and we are ranking the best of the best. Any guesses who we like her with?


Of course he tops the list. He is her one true love in every manner of speaking. He is the man whom she is meant to be with every single day of her life, and we simply cannot imagine her with anyone else. However, that is not where we are going with this. We are going to a place where we have to figure things out for ourselves, and that is just how it will go from now on. They are not together, and we don’t assume they will ever truly make it work for themselves. They are too far gone in so many different directions, but we love them the most of all her coupledom. He is good to her. He would do anything for her; and he loves her. She loves him, too, and we hope they can get through the situation they find themselves in currently.


They aren’t coming back. After all, he’s dead and someone else (Brady) has his heart. That was a whole situation that didn’t work out well for anyone, but we know that he was good for her. She was a woman who needed someone to ground her and keep her together, and this one worked for us. There was nothing about them we did not like save for the fact that he simply is not the man who is Eric. They were, however, a good second favorite couple in our opinions. They are sweet, we love them, and we did want to see them work this out and make it last. However, he was killed — by Eric, nonetheless — in a drunk driving accident on New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It was horrible, and he will never recover from the accident he caused and the problems he left everyone with. We assume she would have found a way to make this situation fall completely apart had she been given the gift of Daniel living through that accident.


Believe it or not, we do like them together. They do make us feel good and happy about their lives, and we cannot argue with what they bring to the table. He was good to her when they were together, and they did have some serious chemistry. They had it because they are so much alike. They are both people who like the power and the game they play, and that made them a good match. But, we will point out that they will never make it, and they will never last. They do not bring out the best in one another in any capacity, but they do bring out the fun in one another. They bring out the worst of the worst when it comes to their power and their desire to run the world, but they do not bring out anything other than that in any manner of speaking. We would like to see this change the course of action, but we don’t know that it will. However, we can see them getting back together in the short-term simply because she’s currently Kristin and Kristin is obsessed with Brady. It might not work long-term, but that might not be too much of a problem for some of the people who are looking to see this situation through.

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