Days of Our Lives: Gabi Learns the Truth

Days of Our Lives: Gabi Learns the Truth

Days of Our Lives fans do not think that Gabi is stupid. She’s about to realize that her own boyfriend has been lying to her, and she is going to confront him about it. She’s going to see what she can do to make it her mission to find out what is going on, and she suspects he might have cheated on her. We aren’t sure what he did to make her think this might be the truth in his life, but we do suspect that whatever he did was bad enough, and she’s just not stupid.

We hear that she will pressure him to come clean to her, and he will tell her the truth. He will tell her that he slept with Lani on Christmas Eve after the big misunderstanding, and she’s going to be furious. She won’t need to spend much time putting two and two together, either.

And we can bet with certainty she’s going to be the one to tell JJ. She’s his ex, and she’s his friend. She might not love him now, but she did love him at one point. And she’s not going to let him sit back and end up as hurt as he might be at this moment. She might just lose her mind and find it in her heart to break the news to him herself. And she’s not going to be deterred by anyone or anything else. She won’t let these two hurt anyone else after this.

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