Daryl Dixon is Off to France

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Daryl Dixon is off to France, and the scope of The Walking Dead is about to get bigger. There are only a few things known about the spinoff that’s coming eventually, but the idea is that Daryl will head overseas to embark on another adventure. It’s interesting to think that Daryl was not a character taken from the comics, but he’s outlasted several of the original characters. 

The spinoffs are going in different directions to widen the show’s scope. So far, there isn’t a lot that’s known, but it does feel that this will allow fans to gain further insight into the origin of the virus. Daryl’s story is one that many people are already interested in. 

In all fairness, Daryl’s popularity has persisted throughout the show. Despite not showing up in the comics, he’s still seen as a necessary character. Initially, he was a loner, but over time Daryl became an important figure in Rick’s group. In fact, before the season ended, he’d taken on the role of a leader. 

credit: The Walking Dead

Daryl won’t have his friends to depend on

There’s no doubt that Daryl will meet people that he will come to trust. He will be without the people he’s comfortable with, though. For a character like Daryl, this doesn’t sound like an impediment.

Fans are bound to find reasons to get excited to see Daryl on his own for a bit again. After all, Daryl’s part in the main story was often interesting when he was on his own. As a lone wolf type, Daryl has far more potential to survive and thrive sometimes. But in a new landscape, it will bear watching to see how he does. 

How he’s going to get there might not stand out as a big part of the story. While he’s there, however, it’s easy to think that the fans are going to wonder what will happen next since there’s no roadmap for this series. Nothing is going off the comics at this point, and the fans won’t be able to compare the story to what they’ve read about. 

If nothing else, this will make things a little more refreshing. The spinoffs could give new life to the main idea. 

France is supposedly ground zero

It’s said supposedly since this was revealed during the main show. France was apparently the last holdout when the virus hit, but since all contact was lost, it’s easy to wonder what’s real and what’s a rumor. Thinking that Daryl will have his share of trouble when finding the source is kind of obvious. But it’s also fair to think that people in France will seek out the same goal. 

How the zombie apocalypse has hit Europe though will give the fans an idea of how far-reaching the effects were. It’s bound to happen that this spinoff will stand out as one of the best since Daryl is a fan favorite that hasn’t seen fans turn on him yet. There are moments in the main show that are less effective, but overall he’s still well-liked. 

credit: The Walking Dead

Fans want to see Daryl and Rick reunite

Considering that these two were enemies early on in the main show, it’s interesting to see how they became friends. Daryl was ready to kill Rick initially for leaving his brother Merle behind. But over the course of a few seasons, it became obvious that they were on better terms. 

During the course of the show, Daryl would come and go as he pleased at times. But most times it was seen that once he was welcomed into the group, he learned how to rely on others. Thinking that this will happen again in France isn’t hard. He’s going to have to learn to trust people again. This time though it does feel that he’ll learn to trust others in a much quicker fashion since he’s changed quite a bit since the start of the show. 

Daryl’s adventures are going to stand out in a big way since he’s one of the dominant figures in The Walking Dead. Because of that, this show could last for at least a couple of seasons. 

It’s interesting to think of how the spinoff will end

How far Daryl is going to get is a good question that has no set answer at the moment. He’s headed off to France to find answers and to help others if he can possibly. But seeing as how this is new territory for him, he’ll find plenty of difficulty in getting through the country and finding what he needs. That and a few other elements of this story are why this already sounds like a great idea, and something worth watching. 

Fans of Daryl Dixon are in for a treat, no doubt. 

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