Darth Vader vs. Carnage: Who Wins?

Plenty of fans might think that Carnage would have an easy win in this case since the red-skinned symbiote is violence given form and with Cletus Kasady as its host, the madness is turned on 24/7. But discounting a character like Darth Vader is a huge mistake as it’s been shown in the books, the comics, and the movies since he’s not intimidating just because of his appearance, he can actually do a few things that justify the fear that a lot of people have for him. But in a fight against each other, Carnage and Vader would likely find a very tough test of wills and abilities that would push both of them to their limits. As quite a few fans know, Carnage is a tough opponent to beat or even keep down for a period of time since the symbiote and Cletus are bonded in a much stronger way than Carnage’s parent, Venom, and as such have come back after being decimated. Darth Vader is a tough individual, but he doesn’t regenerate lost limbs or heal the damage that he incurs during a battle. 

Still, this fight wouldn’t swing entirely in Carnage’s favor since one thing that a lot of people forget is that Vader’s TK abilities using the Force can offer up more than a simple Force push. Vader is an opponent that knows how to use his environment, which means in turn that he could very easily find a way to hold out against Carnage until he could gain an advantage. Some might not want to believe that Vader could withstand the assault, but look at who we’re talking about. Vader is the type of individual that has accomplished great feats, and with the Force, it’s fair to say that he could anticipate Carnage and stymie many of Carnage’s attacks. While it’s true that Carnage could speed-blitz Vader and do some serious damage, the 9 out of 10 wins that some people feel that Carnage would win is a bit hard to get behind. 

It would almost appear that when looking at one character, some folks lose sight of what another can do. But unfortunately one has to wonder what’s canon and if the same rules would apply to whichever universe the two fought in since Vader has taken on some seriously tough individuals, some that might even give Carnage more than he can handle, while Carnage has proven to be insanely resilient against all but the most powerful opponents in the past. But between these two the fight feels a lot more even than a lot of people are willing to admit. Some might say that Carnage has the speed and strength advantage, and this isn’t hard to admit that he probably does, but if Vader has access to the Force in whichever universe they’re fighting in, then a lot of Carnage’s most impressive abilities can be dialed down very quickly since Vader’s use of the Force is diminished only a little as it’s been shown in the movies, while in the comics and the books he’s been a veritable juggernaut at times since he’s performed feats that could help him against Carnage in a very big way. 

One advantage that Vader has, even with little to no prep time, is that he’s a tactical combatant and has learned through many years not to simply react to a situation, but to take every advantage he can find and guide the fight in a way that will allow him to come out on top. Compared to other Sith he’s more of a blunt instrument and simply destroys what is set in front of him, but he’s still able to out outthink a few opponents, and given that Carnage is all about chaos and of average intelligence, it doesn’t feel as though Vader would have too much trouble directing the fight in a way that would work to his favor. In this manner, he would have a huge edge over Carnage, if only because the symbiote would be looking to find a number of ways to attack Vader head-on, but likely wouldn’t be paying attention to the environment for any other reason than to find what could be used to hurl at Vader. 

It’s true that Carnage isn’t stupid, he’s not bound to miss any obvious attempt that Vader might make to gain the advantage, but if Vader can goad him, lead him on, and maneuver Carnage the way he wants, which he likely can, then there’s a good chance that Vader will find a way to be the last man standing. His lightsaber would be a great tool against Carnage, but he would still need something more to really harm the symbiote in a lasting manner. When all is said and done though, this feels like a fight that Vader could win, but it wouldn’t be an easy one by any means. 

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