CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 10 Review: “Shades of Grey”

CSI: Cyber

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if characters from popular stories are actually real? That’s exactly what happened in this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber as someone tried to be a cyber Robin Hood and gave money back to the poor after hacking into the Barnaby Bank’s various ATMs throughout the D.C. area. Enter Team Cyber as they track down the virtual do-gooder.

The episode begins with money spewing out from the ATM, and people excitedly grabbing at it. Nelson was in CTOC and stared out the window. Suddenly, a gunshot rang out and Nelson got one of the agents to help him, but when they got there, it was too late, as a man named Andy, who wanted to check his bank balance, was shot. His sister grieved the sudden loss and regretted greedily stuffing the money that was coming out of the ATM into a bag.

Raven, on the other hand, was about to have a hearing that would end her sentence and set her free, thus ending her stint with the FBI’s Cyber Division. The former Black Hat has worked at the Cyber Division for two years, and she hoped that after the hearing, she would be able to get her life back. Unfortunately, her past came back to haunt her as her ex-boyfriend Jackson tracked her down and told her that he still had feelings for her. He even called her by her hacker handle Eclipse. Raven cut the conversation short and made her way to the FBI to help with the bank case.

As the case went on, it was revealed that Barnaby Bank stole money from its customers through overdraft fees and a former teller, AJ Kim, hacked into the bank’s system and got people their money back. The downside to his Robin Hood-esque plan was that some people wanted more of the money than the others so they fought over it. One of the fights ended with a stabbing that ended up on the evening news. I’m just going to quote Happy Quinn and say “not good.”

I was amazed that people could be identified by the veins in their hands when D.B. used Optical-Based Vein Uncovering to find the masked driver that drove the bank’s armoured truck through the streets of D.C. Wonder what else the former lab runner at the Las Vegas Crime Lab will think of next? I was equally amazed to see Raven dressed up in a blouse, blazer and pencil skirt as I was used to seeing her wear more casual clothing at the office.

Towards the end of the episode, Cyber Robin Hood was arrested and Jackson, who deciphered Raven’s patch code in order to transfer money, was arrested as well for his crime. He claimed that he was doing it for him and Raven so they could go away together. However, it was clear that Raven wanted to leave her past behind when she told him that “there is no us” and when she told Nelson later in the surveillance van that she wanted something different for her future.

Unfortunately, Raven’s freedom was taken away from her when Deputy Director Ryan told the judge that Raven could use more time working in the Cyber Division. Raven then confronted Director Ryan about what happened, and the latter said that Raven should’ve told her straight-up that Jackson had crossed paths with the girl. However, Raven chose not to tell Director Ryan which, in her view, was a case of poor judgement.

Looks like Raven is sticking around Cyber for a while longer, even though she is acting like a teenager who’s being grounded for life and is taking her anger out on her mother. I also hope that Agent Mundo can work things out with his wife after the awkward situation that he found himself in when the bartender lady dropped by his house.

CSI: Cyber will return with all new episodes on Sunday, Jan. 10, on CBS.

[Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS]

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