Crafting the Most Efficient X-Men Team

Crafting the Most Efficient X-Men Team

Crafting the Most Efficient X-Men Team

There have been so many different X-Men in the history of the team that it’s tough to pick out the best among them since every last one of them brings their own expertise and talents to the team. But in terms of wanting the best of the best on a superior team, there are going to be many people who would state that some characters would need to be dropped and others would need to be elevated to a degree that people could no longer deny their efficiency. But when it comes to the X-Men there are a lot of people that have similar abilities, so it’s fair to say that nitpicking their personality traits would be a good idea, as would listing individual reasons since it would go toward the idea of why this one character would be on the ultimate team of X-Men, and why they would be the best pick. It is a matter of opinion without any doubt, but some characters have a proven track record over the years, which means that their selection should be kind of obvious.

Here are ten X-Men that could make the ultimate team. 

10. Beast

As the brains of the team, it’s hard to keep him out of the discussion since Hank McCoy has managed to contribute to the team in a few ways over the years, not the least of which is the creation of much of their technology. As a combatant, he’s also someone that’s best to have there in a tight spot. His decisions have been suspect at times when it comes to the team, but he’s still a solid contributor overall. 

9. Kitty Pryde

Over the years Kitty Pryde has changed quite a bit from a young mutant that can simply phase through things into a trained fighter that knows how to use her power to the greatest possible extent. Her phasing powers are still a big reason why she’s so invaluable, but the knowledge that she can utilize this ability in more than one way is why she’s someone that would be selected for this team. 

8. Colossus

Strength is still a value to the team that can’t be overlooked since a character that could act like the walking tank would still be needed. Colossus has proven to be the type of character that can take just about anything that’s thrown at him and keep moving forward. He does indeed have his limits but it’s equally true that he’s one of the toughest X-Men that has ever come along, which means that he’s needed for this group. 

7. Iceman

The Omega-level mutants are needed since their power levels are intense enough to turn the tables in many fights. Iceman has been as much of a liability as he is a boon to the team, but when he’s at his best, this individual can become a serious game-changer that will end up being more than many enemies can handle. 

6. Psylocke

Those with telepathy, telekinesis, and other abilities that deal with their mental capabilities are dangerous, to begin with. But Psylocke is also a well-trained fighter and has received several enhancements over the years that have made her insanely powerful. She’s one of the multi-tools of the X-Men that doesn’t need to be left out since she’s stealth, power, and experience wrapped up in one very efficient package. 

5. Wolverine

There have been arguments over the years about how effective Wolverine is and how much his legend might have grown bigger than the actual character’s abilities. But as a tracker, a fighter, and as someone that has the types of skills needed to bolster a team, Wolverine is someone that has plenty of experience and overall fighting ability that can be advantageous to the team. 

4. Jean Grey

Without the Phoenix force, Jean Grey is still a powerful character that is an original member of the team and has proven herself time and again. With the Phoenix force, she’s able to elevate this team in a way that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to roll over them. Of course, the fact that the Phoenix can be a bit unpredictable also makes her a huge liability, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

3. Cyclops

Every team needs a leader, and time and again he’s been the guy for the job on this team since he has the tactical thinking and is the kind of individual that does take the mantle of leadership seriously. His power level is impressive and his ability to keep the team in line, even Wolverine, has been one of his most valuable skills over the years, so adding him to the lineup is necessary. 

2. Storm

Strength, skill, and experience are all great things to value in a team. But someone that can affect the very environment that the team will be fighting in is equally valuable, if not more so since Storm is capable of rivaling gods when it comes to sheer power. When adding this to her ability to lead and the various other skills she possesses, it’s fair to state that there’s no way she should be left off this team. 

1. Charles Xavier

This is where the X-Men start, and while he’s not the endpoint, Charles is the guy that made it happen, and he’s still one of the most powerful individuals that have ever been a part of this team. As a mentor and as the team’s conscience it’s fair to think that he would need to be a part of this group. 

This is close to the lineup that’s been seen for many years, but the truth is that it’s still one of the greatest teams ever conceived in the Marvel universe.

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